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ZOL Announces New Package For Their Data Sim: It Comes With Unlimited WhatsApp

ZOL has announced a new internet package for their data sim under what seems to be called the Mibroniks brand – which will be mobile-first packages.

This package will come with 15 GB of data and unlimited WhatsApp for $156. This is considerably better value for money than what you get from mobile service providers who are currently charging a third of ZOL’s price for 1GB that will last you a single day.

Of course, this comes with the caveat that you would have to be in an area where ZOL’s data line actually works to benefit from this – which is still an issue.

Considering the offerings from both ZOL and TelOne Blaze, one wonders if more traditional mobile networks aren’t a bit threatened, especially if ZOL and TelOne manage to solve their distribution issues which are their biggest stumbling blocks right now.

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8 thoughts on “ZOL Announces New Package For Their Data Sim: It Comes With Unlimited WhatsApp

  1. I’m a student and I would benefit from this but I’m affected by the fact that the line do not work in low density areas where there’s Fibre- zesa comes at night and I can’t go to browse in town at night either 😭😭

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