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Still Waiting For Dark Mode On The Facebook App? Try Facebook Lite Instead

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If you’re firmly on the dark mode bandwagon, then you’ll undoubtedly be waiting for the feature on all your apps including Facebook. Whilst the official application doesn’t offer the feature yet, it’s now available for people using Facebook Lite.

Weirdly enough the Facebook Lite application wasn’t working on my phone so I had to fish for screenshots on the internet:

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If you’re conscious about saving battery life and your phone has an AMOLED/OLED screen then dark mode will consume less battery power for you making it more attractive since it’s not just a feature to alter the appearance of the application.

Apart from saving battery, the dark mode also reduces eye strain for those of us who browse through these apps late at night/in the dark which greatly improves the user experience.

Whilst the feature isn’t available in the standard Facebook application yet, it’s expected it will be available sooner rather than later with leaks of the feature already having been spotted last year.

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