Alibaba Claims They’ve Developed A 96% Accurate AI That Detects Corona In Seconds

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China’s tech giant Alibaba is claiming they’ve developed an Artificial Intelligence system that can diagnose the Coronavirus within seconds with 96% accuracy.

The AI system allegedly detects the virus in CT scans of patients’ chests, only taking 20 seconds to be able to tell whether or not a patient is positive for the virus. Usually, the process takes anything between 5 and 15 minutes for doctors to diagnose patients so this system is expected to alleviate pressure at hospitals.

Researchers at the academy said they had trained the AI model with sample data from more than 5,000 confirmed cases, adding that the system could identify differences in CT scans between patients infected with the novel virus and those with ordinary viral pneumonia with an accuracy of up to 96%.

Nikkei Asian Review

The system was reportedly trained on images and data from 5000 confirmed coronavirus cases and has been tested in Chinese hospitals, with at least 100 healthcare facilities currently using the artificial intelligence system.


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