Samsung Galaxy S20 Underperforming; As COVID-19 Takes Toll On Industries

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

It can be argued the Samsung Galaxy S20 series of devices is their best yet – in terms of power it’s obviously the case- but these devices have been impacted by a global epidemic that Samsung could not have imagined or prepared for.

Samsung reportedly held a private call with analysts and the mobile company reportedly came clean about the sales of the S20 trio. The phone is reportedly only selling 60% as well as the S10 did a year ago.

Whilst this is alleged and Samsung hasn’t commented on the situation publicly it could be true based on the fact that Galaxy S20 discounts have started surfacing only about 14 days into the lifecycle of the device. And these discounts are as high as US$200 off in some markets.

Whilst Samsung flagships normally get discounted, they don’t get such aggressive discounts so early into their launch and that’s an indicator of Samsung’s efforts to recover what they can with the launch of these devices.

Even with the devices discounted, the Galaxy S20 will still be a hard sell when you consider that a number of people will lose their jobs or their income indefinitely due to this epidemic. With that being the case, buying a smartphone will no doubt be the last thing on the mind of most consumers.

The smartphone industry is one of many industries that is being and will continue to be affected by the Coronavirus with analysts suggesting that year-on-year smartphone shipments already fell by 38% in February.