Fortnite Mobile Finally Available On Play Store: Epic Games Finally Willing To Share Revenue With Google

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Epic Games – the developer behind Fortnite chose a pretty unusual method to roll out Fornite the most popular game in the world when it came to Android.

The developer chose to leave Google in the cold, offering Fortnite via Epic Games store instead since they didn’t want Google taking a piece of the pie when players transact in-game. This didn’t seem to slow down the adoption of the game with 15 million people downloading it in the first 3 weeks it was available.

Epic Games seems to no longer have any qualms with people downloading their extremely popular game from Google Play as they have made it available on Google’s Store.

The app was made available yesterday already has over 50 000 downloads showing just how popular the game is.

Money money money

Considering that Fortnite came to Android back in 2018, the current move by Epic Games isn’t entirely surprising. If their primary motivation was too avoid giving Google a piece of their in-game transaction pie, then they succeeded at doing so for the nearly two years.

With most players who were going to download Fortnite already having done so, Epic won’t mind sharing the remaining players and revenue they’ll provide with Google. These will most likely pale in comparison to the players who downloaded from Epic Games directly.