This Zimbabwean Made Nearly US$20K In 12 Months Teaching Online

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Have you noticed that when Zimbabweans, get in a queue – they tend to start conversing and coming up with brilliant business ideas about how to make money and attain “financial freedom”.

Whilst I’ve left a few queues with brilliant ideas I’ve never acted upon after that day, my quest to attain financial freedom goes on and this article will appeal to those of you who are on a similar quest.

Last year we wrote about how a Udemy Course by a Zimbo had attained bestseller status on the educational site. The course in question, iOS 12 & Swift 4 – App Design, UI/UX plus Development is still doing well and the tutor – Gwinyai Nyatsoka- recently reached out to us sharing over the past 12 months he had made $17 476 from that course.

In addition to the money he has made, Gwinyai also said the course managed to land him a job as Chief Technology Officer for a company in Boston. How brilliant is that!?

Once I made the course it has just been selling. I have had intentions to update the course but my day job is kind of in the way. By the way, it was because of this course I was recruited to become a CTO for a startup in Boston

Gwinyai Nyatsoka

When we talk about the opportunity of the internet, this is the kind of stuff we are talking about and the fact that Gwinyai has been able to generate this income passively is pretty great. He made the course and went and did other things whilst it made money for him. Now go tell this to your friends next time you’re in a queue…


  1. Eng. Salanny Mhlanga

    “If you can’t make money while you sleep, you will die working. ”

    ~ Warren Buffet.

    Well done young man!

    1. Farai Mudzingwa


  2. Sue Bvochora

    Well done Gwinyai! I wish you all the best!

  3. Llodza

    Well done 👍👍 man

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