[Update] ZIMBOCASH has given a response as to why payments are down


ZimboCash has been down for more than a week and users of the platform were unable to transact during this time. We reached out to ZimboCash and they gave this response:

“We had a few scam attempts on our network. We needed to temporarily take the payments service down while we patch the scam account loophole.

We had originally been relying on cellphones as a proxy for identity – we were notified that some people were able to buy up to 150 SIM cards at a time to scam the system.

Unfortunately it always is just a few individuals who spoil it for the others.

We’re busy working on the identity alternatives.”

ZimboCash did not give a date as to when payments will resume or a time frame as to how long it will take for them to finish the upgrades.

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  1. axis

    this zimbocash thing just seems like snake oil. if you look at the wider picture, its really just a blockchain/crypto experiment being run on zimbabweans, by people in SA with a bigger agenda.

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