Ministry of Information Twitter account suspended again

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Back in April, the Ministry of Information’s Twitter account was suspended. Whilst it never became clear why the account was taken down – it’s happened again. Yes, the government’s official mouthpiece has been suspended twice in four months now.

What did they do this time?

Similar to what we think happened last time, the account seems to have been suspended after multiple users reported it. Suggestions are it was reported for posting “hateful” content and was therefore banned for violating Twitter’s hateful conduct policy.

A number of Twitter users posted screenshots after reporting the account though it’s not clear which tweet was being reported. Media outlets have suggested that the Ministry’s account was deleted after multiple violations of Twitter’s hateful conduct policy. None of these went on to cite these violations so it isn’t clear which tweet(s) resulted in a suspension.

The Ministry has already created a new account but considering that it only took them 4 months to get banned, it will be interesting to see how long this account will last.

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  1. Anonymous

    Its because it posts fake information all the time

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