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Mobile games you should try out this month

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Those of you who know me personally, know I’m BIG on gaming. I’m a console gamer first before anything else. Recent;y, I’ve been trying my hand at mobile games to see what’s on offer and to be honest, mobile games are surprisingly good!

Over the month of August, I played give or take 15 Android games and from these I narrowed down 5, uploaded video footage to my YouTube channel and figured I would share these with you guys as well.

1. Gumslinger

Ok, this is my absolute favourite game (console or mobile at the moment). Many of the games on this list will be multiplayer games – because that scratches my competitive itch.

Gumslinger is special because it’s a shooter but the humour here is top notch. You basically have gummy clay creatures involved in western style duels and whoever draws their weapon quick enough wins! In addition to the wacky physics, the sound effects and soundtrack is an absolute gem. The combination of owning other players online and doing so in such a humorous way definitely appeals to me.

My one gripe with Gumslinger at the moment is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to duel people you know. Someone tell the folks at Itatake to add that please!

Download Gumslinger on Android

Download Gumslinger on iOS

2. Brawl Stars

Wait! Another multiplayer shooter??? Really!? Well, yeah. These are good titles and before playing Gumslinger, I was convinced Brawl Stars would be top of the list. Whilst the gameplay between the two games is significantly different they share some similarities.

None of the games take themselves extremely seriously and both have extremely quick games and matchmaking. You can totally get into these even if you only have 10-15 minutes – which you can’t say of most console titles.

Most game modes are 3v3 and yes you are playing other real people online. There are plenty of game modes to choose from and I had a blast jumping into this one!

Download Brawl Stars for Android

Download Brawl Stars for iOS

3. Alto’s Odyssey

Before playing this one, you’re going to need your earphones close by. Without earphones it’s a good experience. With earphones it’s a great experience. There’s something so relaxing about the soundtrack on this. You can totally get lost in it.

So what is the game about? You control Alto and a host of other characters on as you sandboard across a desert. Regarding the genre – think of temple run and replace the monsters with a desert trying its best to ensure you don’t get far. You chain together tricks (backflips, grinds etc). The graphics are pretty gorgeous too.

One downside? Like Temple Run and similar games this could get boring quickly if you’re not into it. I prefer this to Temple Run because of the relaxing nature.

Download Alto’s Odyssey for Android (free)

Download Alto’s Odyssey for iOS ($4.99)

4. Frag Pro Shooter (FPS)

Yuhp, another shooter! What can I say man. I like what I like. FPS is a guilty pleasure for me. The graphics are far from amazing. The controls and movement are clunky. The UI is actually atrocious. Adding those things together shouldn’t make for an amazing experience but that’s exactly what it I got whilst playing!

I don’t know if the video above does the game justice, but there’s something really really fun about this game! I don’t know what it is yet but this is one of those I recommend you try! Maybe, you’ll be able to see what makes it so special.

Download Frag Pro Shooter for Android

Download Frag Pro Shooter for iOS

5 Call of Duty Mobile

I’ve written, about Call of Duty Mobile before. Whilst, I don’t play the game as much as I did before I still think it’s one of the best mobile games out right now. The seasonal updates means the game stays fresh and there are tons of game modes to choose from. Battle Royale, Zombies, and the tons of other modes will mean you won’t run out of things to do.

The most recent update brought tons of weapons and a new levelling up system that allows you to customize said weapons. It’s a bit overwhelming for me but for someone with the time to learn all the weapons and level up, you’ll definitely destroy other people online.

Things I don’t like about this one? It’s huge and the updates are pretty huge too. Also, it’s pretty heavy on shoving micro transactions down your throat.

Download Call of Duty for Android

Download Call of Duty for iOS

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