Video: How to open up and upgrade an HP Envy 17t laptop

In this video we take apart an HP Envy 17t and take a tour of what’s inside a laptop. We are replacing the old battery with a new one, upgrading the 128GB NVMe SSD to a 500GB NVMe SSD, removing old thermal paste and applying new one and lastly removing dust from the fan, heat sink and the rest of the components.



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  1. TnashMKZ

    If I may ask where do you get such tools as I am interested in having a tool kit to dissemble, upgrade laptops and pcs.

    1. Edwin Chabuka

      Unfortunately the shop i bought my toolkit from no longer exists but you can try Fanoos electronics or Fusertech

  2. Fatty Batty

    Nice video guys. How accurate were the shipping charge estimates on amazon? Did you have to top up? And then that battery! For a modern machine, that looked more like a defective unit than normal wear to me. It could have been part of the recalls from a couple of years back.

    1. Edwin Chabuka

      Yeah and these batteries usually come with a 3 year warranty so really it was supposed to still by fine 2 years later. Must have been a defective one. On the parts I ordered I used some runners and so the shipping component was pretty much nowhere near what Amazon quotes.

  3. Gaurav Nagose

    Informative article, thank you for help me!

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Glad you found use in the article Gaurav!

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