Applications are open for Space-Tech Challenge 2020

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Space-Tech Challenge 2020

Space-Tech Challenge 2020 applications are now open. The challenge is looking to identify and develop innovators, entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses in the space-tech sector across Africa.

Space Technology is a broad industry that involves infrastructure and software that is used for earth observation and space exploration. The earth observation aspect of space-tech has blossomed over the years. Space-tech applications in this field range from mineral exploration to animal conservation.

Africa has some way to go before the potential of space-based technologies can be realised. In light of this, the Space-Tech challenge is looking to give a platform for innovators on the continent who are developing solutions in this arena.

Space-Tech Challenge criteria

The challenge is looking for innovators who are developing downstream earth observation applications. The challenge is targeting applications in agriculture, insurance, retail, sustainability and conservation.

The top 10 participants will receive the opportunity to showcase their innovations to a global audience at GEO Week, an intergovernmental earth observation conference in November. They will also have the opportunity to mingle with businesses in the industry through ZASpace (the South African Space Agency) as well as:

  • Conventional media and social media coverage through ZASpace and partners
  • Industry links and market access through ZASpace and partners
  • Screening for investment by Anza Capital
  • 1-month business development support through the Research Institute for Innovation & Sustainability
  • Opportunity to pitch the company to judges and industry representatives during final pitching den
  • Provision of ortho-ready satellite imagery from Maxar’s archive; 10x 25sqkm allocated per finalist up to the value of $75,250

Challenge prizes

The winners of the Space-Tech Challenge will receive, a 4-month incubation, virtual mentorship and peer to peer networking through TechTribe. The winners will also receive a SecureWatch premium 5GB of high-resolution satellite imagery worth US$12 500.

Space-Tech Challenge 2020 applications are open till the 16th of October. Interested parties can apply using the link here.

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