Beware of scammers posing as NetOne agents on WhatsApp

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A few weeks we wrote about NetOne suspending customers who were believed to be using hacks to access mobile data at no cost. Some subscribers were using DroidVPN to create VPNs that allowed them to browse for free.

NetOne figured this out and started banning subscribers with usage patterns that were being flagged as suspicious. The ban only restricted data usage with the rest of the network features accessible.

Scammers find opportunity

Conman are known for having a knack for finding opportunity and that’s what is happening now. Some scammers are sending messages to subscribers they know to have used this hack pretending to be NetOne. These messages present the subscriber/victim with a bill for their free data usage.

When we saw the message circulating in our community groups it did seem odd that NetOne would use WhatsApp as an official communication channel. We reached out to NetOne representatives who confirmed that it wasn’t in fact an official communication:

It’s not an official communication. NetOne sends those via SMS

So if you do receive such a message then it’s most probably a hoax/joke or worse someone actually trying to steal your money.

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  1. Anonymous

    So what does netone intend to do about this?

  2. Larry

    But netone really need to do something about these VPNs there has to be a way.How is Econet doing it, I mean is it not illegal to use VPNs accessing free internet.

    1. DroidUser Tsotsonyan

      Aaah muchabhurutsa njiva

  3. Steve

    Someone school me about this. I got a netone Sim I don’t care about.

  4. Thatboyt

    We all love netone but l think should find a way of beefing up their firewall and server access. If they cannot prevent a simple VPN from using their data how can we trust them to keep our personal information safe and why is it only netone …something is not right at netone

  5. 2030 TinengeTichipo

    Netone should not misrepresent facts.That VPN does not use netone data,it merely uses netone as a internet connection channel.The data actually comes from Droid vpn, not Netone.

  6. Admire Makunele

    I can help netone stop the tunneling of VPNs into their network


      kkkkkk ka blazi aka futi ayah kashaya zvekuita


    netone must reduce data costs otherwise percentage rate for using vpn could fall

    1. Anonymous

      Interesting angle….So you think MNO and ISPs setup network infrastructure, pay for bandwidth and interconnectivity fees so that we can hitch a free ride to our “friend’s” server in a secret basement somewhere in Europe/Asia. Come on its not like our phones are magically connected to the VPN servers by an invisible data cable. You are effectively using their data/bandwidth to communicate with those VPN servers.

  8. Daddy

    They can’t even wrote proper elementary English those fools.

    1. Anonymous

      lol look who is talking. ——————–>”They can’t even wrote”<———————-

  9. nigel

    the solution is Netone should reduce their costs on data bundles in order to minimize VPN users because most of VPN users are still schooling so they are finding it hard to do school work without these VPNs .

  10. Kevin

    Kkkkk birwai mari dzemishonga.😂😂

  11. mhazipower

    I think its wise for netone to change its brand name to netone alliance so as to confuse people

  12. Admire Makunele

    I will tell u how to stop this VPNs from tunneling into ur network. Kana kwave ne bundle rinoty 10cents 3000000000gig lol

  13. gudo diki

    Zvarwadza no more vpn

  14. Anonymous

    Netone should reduce their prices to stop the usage of VPNs. I think that will be much better because they would be getting at least something from those “VPN users” rather than getting absolutely nothing.

  15. Anonymous

    Is Droid still functioning i have a netone line up for use

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