Chicken Hut’s new digital menu looks to kill 3 birds with one stone

COVID-19 has presented many pitfalls for businesses and chief among those affected are restaurants and fast food businesses. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that despite all these stumbling blocks Chicken Hut is seeing opportunity in this new reality.

Speaking to Chad Chawanda- Chicken Hut’s executive chairman- he explained how they are actually piggybacking on the pandemic to offer new customer experiences…

A touchless menu

Chicken Hut is introducing a digital menu which makes sense from a COVID-19 perspective. The physical menus being distributed in-store are a high-risk since many people touch them throughout the day/week etc and so having a digital menu only makes sense.

Chicken Hut customers will instead be able to use QR to make their orders and we tested their digital menu and it worked pretty well. There’s an RTGS & Dollar menu you will be able use to order your food when the digital menu is launched later this week.

Going a step further

More interesting is the fact that this digital menu will also allow customers to give instant feedback and ratings on the service – either whilst waiting for their food or after having eaten it.

Chad explained that this is line with Chicken Hut’s customer-centric experience and if a customer is to leave a negative rating within the restaurant their customer support experience team will call in and try rectify the issue.

Beyond garnering more customer feedback, Chicken Hut has one more card up their sleeve with the digital menu. It is linked to their Google and Facebook pages – meaning the more reviews they get via the digital menu, the more Google pages stand to recommended since this will do good for their SEO (search engine optimisation) ratings. For those in the dark, SEO is what is used to rank pages on search engines so a higher rating will increase the likelihood of being placed higher in search results.

Whether customers will use the new digital menu or not, it’s great to see Chicken Hut thinking of ways to put their customer first and tying it together with digital. Many local companies go digital for the sake of doing so but this seems refreshingly well thought out.


What’s your take?

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  1. VPNAnchor

    They are definitely in the right direction

  2. Zwenyika

    They also deliver the chicken to your house

  3. Orbit Revolution

    Does this process the payments or is it just an order system?

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