Telecel reviews Megaboost bundle tariffs – Sept 2020


Yesterday, Telecel reviewed their Megaboost data bundles and the pricing has changed significantly – something not too surprising when you consider the last review for Megaboost was back in July.

What’s the difference?

Megaboost was priced as follows before the recent changes;

$601556060MB40MB30MB30 days
$1203010100100MB100MB100MB30 Days
$2406020200200MB200MB200MB30 Days
$45015040350400MB400MB400MB30 Days

The new pricing has changed pretty significantly especially for the more expensive Megaboost bundles;

$1001556060MB40MB30MB30 days
$2203010100100MB100MB100MB30 Days
$4306020200200MB200MB200MB30 Days
$83015040350400MB400MB400MB30 Days

It’s not entirely surprising that Telecel’s bundle have been revised since they hadn’t undergone price review since July. Their competitors announced several price revisions in the same timeframe which suggests Megaboost bundles weren’t priced competitively.

The rest of Telecel’s data bundles had also been reviewed so it was only a matter of time before Megaboost also got a price adjustment.

The cheap Megaboost bundles also weren’t stopping consumers from leaving the network. In quarter two of 2020, Telecel lost just over a 100 000 subscribers. If the cheaper bundles weren’t having the desired effect it makes sense to just price them competitively.

What’s your take?

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