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TelOne users complain about poor internet quality – What’s going on?

Over the last few days, a number of people I know who use TelOne have been complaining regarding the extremely poor internet speeds. A cursory search of “TelOne” on Twitter will actually show you that a number of users are actually going through this.

What’s the problem?

So from the searches and talking to TelOne users, the biggest issue is crawling speeds. A number of people complained about being unable to actually download media on WhatsApp or streaming on sites like YouTube or Netflix.

We’ve reached out to TelOne with request for clarity regarding what’s happening and at the time of publishing they are yet to respond. We will update this article once they have responded.

From our investigation, it appears as though ADSL users are primarily affected whilst Fibre users have been enjoying the service just fine. From our community groups it seems the issues are varied and for some it’s working just fine on other devices and not working at all on others.

The biggest frustration throughout all this of course will be the fact that TelOne hasn’t issued out much in the way of a communication on the issue on their social media channels. The only response I saw that might be tied to this issue was the usual “technical challenges” statement;

Good morning, we are currently experiencing a technical challenge resulting in service disruption with our broadband service. Our Engineers are working on resolving the issues. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

TelOne replying a concerned customer on Twitter

If TelOne shares more details regarding the issue we will update this article to reflect whatever details they share.

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26 thoughts on “TelOne users complain about poor internet quality – What’s going on?

  1. Telone has been bad since day one. My experience with them has been nothing but bad news, they take 4 months to rectify a fault and once done it takes 2 weeks to recover your lost bundles and then only to get another cable fault again.

  2. Hello, i am also a TelOne user and trust me, the pain is unbearable. I am also one of the people who are not able to connect to the internet on certain devices but i found a way to connect for those that are experiencing the same issue. You are going to have to turn on your VPN to connect. Thats the only way to access YouTube and other websites including Google itself. For now

    1. I’ve been a telone user since inception….adsl and now fibre…I actually got a free 300usd modem when they launched….yes they have their problems ….but so do zol…I can’t complain about the value proposition…in some cases more than 50% of zol….I’m paying around 4554 for 200gb of fibre…the speeds are good…I get downtime….but overall way cheaper than zol…ps the customer help line is free and actually works

  3. TelOne is a pain for sure I regret ever hanging out with them. It works only 9 days in a month the rest of the time its faulty. If you report a fault they will come after two weekss

  4. They are probably trying to push people to upgrade to fibre. They have also quietly doubled the USD price of their fibre modems in theorise of the last 2 months.

  5. Am on their FTTH intense package (unlimited). When it’s connected I do everything- work, Netflix, online meetings etc. However, when they go down, they go down for real, with no quick relief. I have learned to accept that they are just like that, trying to make them change may not be achieved in this lifetime. Last time I went down for a week, and the support agent on the end of the helpline was equally clueless on how to assist until I gave up. I guess prayer and fasting got me back online on their service. A small advice to all out there: protect your heart from unnecessary pain by knowing the partner you are to get down with and their weaknesses before you sign the marriage certificate. I don’t think TelOne will be an improved animal any time soon!

    1. Kkkkk
      Prayer and fasting
      But yes faith can do everything
      Can move mountains
      Otherwise I am one user I have given following up getting assistance on internet speed
      I’m on ADSL
      I’hv done 16 days of my monthly cycle and consumed only 42gig out of 200gig
      With normal speed I need 300gig month
      At end of cycle I’m likely to remain with 120gig going to waste , unintended donation to Telone

  6. I am a fibre user and experiencing on and off service since the 25th. I dont understand whats happening with Telone. I am having to substitute at $400rtgs per lecture for alternative service since my child has to attend online lessons. This is unsustainable after having paid for unlimited service.

  7. Hike in price and poor service anyone with any other good internet companies please send me details … i am done with telone . Infact i have a watsapp group with many other complaining we will be posting on FB and other platforms about this subject . Prices are way too much for such poor service .

  8. I am on the fibre, but this past weekend, I had to buy Econet Private WiFi bundles.
    All DMs to them got the standard,

    “We have refreshed your connection…”🙄🙄🙄

  9. My problem with Telone is they just do their thing without their clients’ consent,
    Why hike prices for poor services, it doesn’t make sense.
    In 2016 I used my bundles for a month, but nowadays, monthly bundles run out in a week, they don’t consider is at all

  10. Just a guess…is it possible that the entry/foray of TelOne into offering telemetry for satellite tracking is getting more bandwidth than, say the ADSL users? Used to be on ADSL when it was launched a couple of years back but line downtime was a big pain. Then they launched prepayment for the landline, soon turned to threats to close my line if I didn’t pay (wtf ?? can’t skip pmnt for the time when I’m away from home). The quality and speed were great though, even downloaded AVI movies “fairly quickly’ via a modem.

  11. TelOne is a no no no whether ASDL or fibre but the worst is the impersonal and very poor service and customer care. They might take our money and think they are clever but believe you me that bad business which always brings tears in the long run

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