EcoCash announces new rewards program – Is this meant to soften the Zimswitch blow?

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EcoCash is now integrated with the national switch (Zimswitch) as was mandated by the Reserve Bank earlier this year.

A day after the integration with what used to be the mobile money service provider’s rival was announced, EcoCash has announced a rewards program that incentivises people to transact via the mobile money platform.

EcoCash Rewards works as follows. For every ZW$200 you spend you’ll get 1 point and these are points you can later on redeem. The following transactions will qualify for the Rewards promotion:

  • Send money;
  • Merchant payments;
  • Bill payments;
  • Buy airtime and bundles;
  • Receive money via EcoCash Remit/Cassava Remit;
  • Use banking services.

The points you have can then be redeemed by dialling *151*300# and these points will make you eligible to win some prizes. People will only be allowed to redeem their points at the end of the month.

This was done in order to give EcoCash an opportunity to add more partners who will add more prizes to redeem.

A coincidence?

The fact that this promotion comes so soon after the Zimswitch integration suggests EcoCash is attempting to incentivise you and I to continue using it over the alternatives.

Whilst a promotion of this sort might make sense in the short term, in the long term EcoCash has to make their product more compelling in the face of an existential threat.


What’s your take?

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  1. Asward Mudondo

    We’re not interested in incentives, just want convenience at reasonable transaction fees.

    1. Anonymous

      As long as Zimswitch is concerned..forget n smile.. You have to pay for zimswitch charges whenever you do a Zipit from EcoCash 😂😂😂😂

      1. WeZaka

        Transcation charges are applicable, even when it is Ecocash to Ecocash. The only difference will come on the amounts charged

  2. RandomRidiculousness

    don’t be ridiculous now guys, there’s no coincidence, Econet often has promotions like Chaka Chaya to incentivize users to keep using the platforms consistently and these has been run over the years, now you’re just reaching. You thought ZimSwitch integration or wallet interoperability meant what free transactions, come on now.

  3. Justice Bote

    WeThank You for Credits. It makes doing transactions via Ecocash more Fun

  4. Gail Tantum

    With the new Ecocash promotion I earn points and my points balance increases BUT it sometimes deducts from my points balance.
    How is this deduction possible if I have earned the points?

    1. Anonymous

      I was wondering the same also.

  5. SRM

    Still don’t understand a thing about the promotion. The details are rather sketchy. What prices???? Iwo ma Rewards anongotaurwa kunzi rewards haana Mazita here kkkk

  6. Anonymous

    MaRewards acho haana Mazita here???? is it definite kuti once you have the points you will be rewarded??? Or there will be a draw??


    Takamirira marewards iwayo


    Ngaauye marewards acho takamirira

  9. Anonymous

    I think there is need for transparency. Ecocash, list the rewards that someone will get after attaining certain points. In the past we have had ecocash reward promotions that just disappeared. You have all the access to your platforms for more details on the promotion.

  10. Anonymousi

    No rewards whatsoever, just psychological games

    1. Kays

      Thank you. Econet has never had a genuine promotion. Remember Buddie zone … it will say 99% then the moment you attempt to call it drops to 3%.

    2. Tinashe

      Econet has never had genuine promotions. Remember Buddie zone. The system will say 99% Buddie zone then when you attempt calling it drops to 3%. Inonzi feja feja

  11. Maurice Levy

    Please let us know what the points are worth. What is one able to buy with the points. Nobody seems to know this. Your advertising here leaves a lot to be desired. Great earning the points but what are they worth?
    By the way I can’t get through to finding out through *151*300# how many points I have earned. All I get told is that something happened.

  12. T. Gomwe

    Yaa. They need to be cleared on the redeem process and also prizes attached thereto.

  13. Missy Ceepy

    Strive watanga.


    Name the rewards, pen, book, bicycle, etc

  15. Francisca

    Econet ingotaura haina chainoita marewards acho asina mazita ndeerudzii kkkk

  16. Tars

    can’t check my points through *151*3003

  17. Simweena Bantu

    What is the prizes range?

  18. Lindel Muposi

    Thank you Econet,looking forward for the rewards.

  19. kudae bvexx

    we accumulated ma points amaida so tell us hw to redeem them

  20. Anonymous

    We want to know the rewards and how to redeem them.End of month, on the 31st yini and at what time? Are we all going to win or there will be a draw?.

  21. R A Fernandes

    It seems there is a draw. Has anyone ever seen a published list of prize winners ?

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