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Local online betting company betPawa suspends mobile money betting

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Local online betting company – betPawa has announced that people betting from Zimbabwe will no longer be able to use mobile money to bet on their site.

Visitors to are being met with the following banner on the site’s homepage;

Dear customer. Due to mobile money issues in Zimbabwe, we’ve suspended depositing and betting because we don’t feel we can give you the level of service you deserve. We’ll be back as soon as there’s a solution in place that meets our high standards. Rest assured the funds in your betPawa account are safe, and all withdrawal requests will be processed as quickly as possible.


Without any Zipit integration, it means Zimbabweans who use the site for their betting activity will be unable to actually deposit and make any bets until betPawa finds the solution.

Whilst betPawa wasn’t explicit about the “mobile money issues” it’s safe to assume they are talking about the mobile money limitations that have been effected over the course of the year.

The crippling handicap on mobile money – a transaction limit of ZW$35 000 per week– poses a problem for betPawa. If betPawa has to credit Zimbabwean accounts for anything more than $35 000/week problems arise. Which customers get the $35 000 available for distribution per week?

Until betPawa can solve that problem, no betting…

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Imi vanhu musadaro
a month ago

Things in Zimbabwe seem to inexplicably favour particular individual or institutions. I stand to be corrected, but I thought online gambling was illegal in Zimbabwean Lotteries and Gaming Act.

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