Masvingo residents can now pay their bills online

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City of Masvingo recently made it possible for residents to carry out bill enquiries and payments online. Masvingo council says availing a centralised system that digitalises all accounts information for ratepayers is motivated by improving ease of doing business.

The website comes at a convenient time when residents will probably want to limit movements because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Masvingo City Council says the new system will solve the problem of residents queuing in Revenue Halls and save them time.

According to Masvingo council’s news release, the system is automated;

The Council’s initiative works with the full support of a locally designed server that computes the data quickly and updates the whole system. The system is independent of wholesome operations, allowing independent activities to transact then compile data in the background, instead of pulling the whole database to offer a service, adding so much speed on the serving terminal.

The council also said beyond offering the service via their website, they are also working on a mobile application with similar functionality.

How to check and pay bills

  1. Ratepayers can log on to;
  2. Click on the Pay Bill Now tab;
  3. Enter the account number and contact to be able to enquire and pay bills.

A breath of fresh air

Besides offering citizens the opportunity to pay bills online Masvingo’s City Council should be celebrated for their website which is quite frankly a great site. Beyond the bill payments, interested parties can access and do the following;

  • Information on tenders;
  • vacancies;
  • report corruption;
  • See latest city notices
  • Access a town gallery
  • catch up on latest news updates from the council

The website is also well-designed and loads up pretty quickly which came as a surprise to me because councils in our country are not known for making it easier for residents

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  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t it the report corruption is supposed to be anonymous. Who is gonna report achishandisa zita rake

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