NMB updates online banking to add new features – here’s what you can do now

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At the beginning of September, NMB launched their new mobile banking platform NMBConnect. It came with a host of new features meant to refresh the online banking experience offered by NMB.

A month into its launch NMB has rolled out another update with newer features for NMBConnect.

What’s happening?

The feature update is actually quite huge and will bring the following additions for clients;

  • Link multiple accounts – the feature allows a registered corporate user to enrol additional accounts to their existing NMBConnect Online profile.
  • Bank statements – Users can now search through bank statements by date instead of being given predetermined time ranges they can’t change. In addition, more information has been added to the bank statements – something we complained about when we initially wrote about NMBConnect.
  • Salaries payment – Salaries can now upload salary batch files via their online banking portal. Additionally, there’s a section that allows corporates to view salaries that failed to process and re-process these.
  • Proof of payment – both individual and corporate users can download proof of payment for previously processed transactions at a later date.

It’s great to see that NMB is looking to continuously improve the online banking experience for their customers and they are not taking the approach that is taken by local companies where something is placed on the internet and then abandoned.

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  1. Sagitarr

    Banking with NMB has become a nightmare. Your employer, who also has an NMB account pays you on 9/10/2020 and you see the balance credited to your account same day using internet banking. However, you go to a supermarket to use your debit card same day and the transaction is declined. Yes. Declined with a credit balance …and the following day…and it only reflects on Sunday, 11/10/20 more than 36 hours later. Please NMB service is kak never mind the stupid stuff they’re coming up with. Any bank which credits your account with useless figures is not worth calling a bank. This has occurred to me more than twice in the past 3 weeks…then I stumbled upon an article which showed they owe big moneys elsewhere…makes sense….hold up accountholders’ funds while playing pingpong with it. F*ck that.

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