EcoCash announces regional & international remittance partnerships

EcoCash, Bureau de Change

EcoCash has been fighting a battle on many fronts since ZimSwitch became the National Switch. Their first initiative was the Rewards program which was aimed at keeping customers on the platform as well as giving an incentive to those who might have stopped using the platform to return. The country’s largest mobile money operator recently expanded the reach of EcoCash Rewards to include their remittance services.

Well, in what seems like an addition to the addition EcoCash has announced that it has partnered with regional and international remittance companies and network operators. The list of partners consists of:

  • MTN Zambia
  • Airtel Uganda
  • Orange Money Botswana
  • Master Remit Australia
  • Remit Rocket Australia
  • Small World USA

EcoCash customers can now receive money directly into their FCA wallet from these service providers.

This move makes sense because the kind of variety of service providers means that customers have more options to receive money from family and friends abroad. Couple this with EcoCash Rewards being extended to remittances and it appears that the folks at Cassava are looking to see if lightning strikes twice.

What I mean by that is EcoCash Rewards was successful in keeping people transacting locally. The addition of these partners and the extension of the loyalty points system to remittence could mean that more people could see some value in getting money through EcoCash.

On the other hand, this may not move the needle but EcoCash should be commended for taking the initiative. It will be interesting to see how all these move work out for EcoCash.

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