WhatsApp finally makes it easier for users to delete files taking up space

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This week, WhatsApp is rolling out a new storage management solution that will be found inside the messaging app. For a while now WhatsApp has had a storage tab within its settings.

The problem being solved?

The old (still in place for some users) WhatsApp storage management wasn’t exactly intuitive as users were greeted by names of their contacts along with how much storage each user you were chatting to was taking up. Clicking on a contact would then take you to another menu with categories such as pictures, audio and video. Worst of all you, if you decided to delete a category you couldn’t choose files – everything had to go. That means if you had pictures you wanted to keep you had to avoid deleting from the storage menu altogether.

I for one never used the useless feature – I only checked it out to compare what was and what will be soon.

What’s new then?

The new storage management which is rolling out this week (you’ll have it at some point if you don’t already) is drastically different. Users can now filter large and forwarded files. The filters are meant to help users identify content that they don’t need or want any more.

Most Android users have file managers that could help them find these files but having it in the WhatsApp app will make it much much easier. 16GB-iPhone-Gang, this feature will certainly help you avoid the low storage notification if you have been receiving way too much media via WhatsApp.

One feature I’m most looking forward to is the ability to delete duplicate and sent files;

Judging from the video above this will be a way better storage manager and many of us will finally be able to delete the junk we receive from our friends and family on the green app.

PS: Once I have the update on my phone I will use it and share some tips on managing your storage from inside WhatsApp.

If you’re not running the latest version of WhatsApp its probably a good idea to update and start waiting for the new feature to hit your phone

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  1. Maureen Teresina Nolan

    Hi wat us the latest version of watsapp please, I’m using a j5 Prime Samsung. Thanks

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