Withdraw USD locally in Zimbabwe

Bank cards, RTGS

Zimpricecheck has curated a list of options for folks travelling into Zimbabwe to access hard currency during this coming festive season. Access the list here.



  1. Tafa

    Stanbic is also giving cash from their atms

    1. Farai

      Is this available for non Stanbic visa or MasterCard?

  2. Tapson

    Wire transfers are expensive,there is a issue where someone was charged $250 to receive a $250 transfer into steward bank from abroad, meaning they were to get nothing

    1. Llodza

      Really? They must arrest Steward bank owners for being extortionate. Such business practices are not to be tolerated

  3. Phidza

    If you plan to send yourself money, make sure you are on roaming to receive 2FA USSD/SMS messages. This was a gotcha for me. Luckily, I was able to activate roaming. Another gotcha is that you can’t send yourself money from some jurisdictions e.g with World Remit, it’s not possible to send yourself money to Zim from S.A. Of course, you can just send to a 3rd party.

  4. Former CBZ Visa card holder

    Nightmare with CBZ Visa card. I informed the bank before traveling to SA because I anticipated issues and surely enough the CBZ Visa card did not work on all the ATMs in Cape Town. Came back to Zim and made a withdrawal. Went back to ATM a week later to make another withdrawal and the money did not come out of the ATM but deducted my account. Money was reversed after 48 hours after and multiple visits to the bank. I’m lucky enough to have an international Mastercard and I no longer need this CBZ Visa card, but I will strongly advise against using this product/service.

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