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Unemployment is a perennial problem the world over. More so in Africa where opportunities are limited, save for the handful of countries. Africa’s situation is compounded by the fact that 60% of its population is under 25. This makes it the youngest in the world and with so many young people not being able to find employment regardless of their qualifications, makes the situation even graver. So, enter AfriBlocks a platform that is looking to try offset this through its Pan-African freelance marketplace.

Now, this isn’t to say that AfriBlocks is reinventing the wheel. There are a number of international freelance job sites, for example, Fiverr and Upwork. In Africa, we also have Freelance Africa and Yaalda. All of these sites do essentially the same thing but AfriBlocks has a few peculiarities that make it an interesting platform.

What is AfriBlocks offering?

The first thing that stands out about AfriBlocks is that instead of just introducing you to potential freelance employees. The company takes an active role in the work that will be done for you by their vetted applicants. For each project, AfriBlocks has a project management team that manages the project on your behalf.

For someone hiring this I think is a great service. On top of making collaboration easier, as an employer, you know that the agency that has recommended an individual to you is also invested in the project. On AfriBlock’s website, it also says that you pay a fixed price into escrow and you pay for the work you approve.

On the freelancers’ end of things, AfriBlocks wants to help you develop and build your business. Since the platform vets and assesses all applicants, if you do good work, then you are guaranteed to enhance your reputation.

If you want to check out AfriBlocks you can do so with the link here

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  1. Black

    This is a great and much needed service.

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