Technikari Ep 9: DPA is installing EV charging stations, will this help EV adoption in Zim?

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Technikari Episode 9: On this episode, we talk about DPA’s (Distributed Power Africa) announcement that it is installing electric vehicle charging stations.

  • What will this do for electric vehicle adoption in Zim?
  • Since Zimbabwe’s car imports are predominantly 2nd hand, so where will we service the EVs?
  • Which fully or partially electric vehicle would we buy?

You can watch it on YouTube below:

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  1. Uncle Richie

    Rich Rebuilds is the channel you are thinking of. Sunday night’s won’t be the same! Subscribe to Uncle Rich now so he can afford 3 piece fried chicken again! But for real, his current project is really interesting.

    Anyway, stumbling blocks that put imaginary rich-guy-me off:
    -battery replacements would kill all the savings made
    -subscription features, but thats getting into the auto industry in general
    -lack of third party service options
    -being at the mercy of over the air updates
    -absurdly slow charging on standard domestic power
    -being more or less city bound
    -autonomy features that have never seen a kombi driver drive
    -do we even get government rebates or tax incentives?

    All in all it’s gonna be a long road to an FEV future in Zim.

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