Is our data safe on the internet?

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With the litany of new (and old) online services that are available, the one concern that everyone shares is the safety of that data we give out on the internet. This isn’t only limited to hacks and other breaches but also to how the data we share online is used by corporations and governments. The big talking point of the last couple of weeks has been WhatsApp’s privacy policy change. We have all heard about it being talked of again and again as well have read articles on the subject.

Another thing that comes with being on the internet is the sheer amount of information that is available online. It’s hard to distinguish what’s true and what is not:

Having access to so much information in this technological era can be both a blessing and a curse. The problem lies when things are not clearly labelled or are misleading, making it difficult for you to know what is what. In your offline life, you’ve probably developed mental shortcuts that help keep you safe. If you can’t find your bank card, you cancel or freeze it just in case it’s been stolen.

Apply the same logic to your digital life. The best defence is to ask critical
questions, so you can learn to recognise the difference between a harmless parody and a hoax, between content that’s intentionally misleading or just poorly researched, and to spot red flags and unreliable sources.

To take the conversation further about this and all other data-related issues, the folks at Taziva Online have invited us to weigh in on the matter. The talk will be held this Friday the 5th of February from 14:00 and you are all invited to watch along and give your take:

The conversation will also include iZone Hub which runs digital wellness meet-ups under the Data Detox and Glass Room.



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