3281 drones in the sky at once? What?!

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Genesis, Korean carmaker, 3281 drones, world record

South Korean carmaker Genesis just broke the Guinness World Record for the most drones in flight. To mark the Hyundai-owned brand’s entrance into the Chinese market, Genesis flew 3281 drones in what surely is one of the biggest publicity stunts in recent memory.

The previous record was held by Damoda Intelligent Control Technology which flew 3051 drones back in September 2020. Before that, Intel was the 2-year holder of the record when it flew 2088 drones over California in 2018.

The heavily software aided display that was held by Genesis over Shanghai, saw the 3281 drones fly in a number of patterns and ultimately flashing the Genesis logo.

You can check out the show for yourself with the link below:

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  1. Temptated by the flame

    Off topic but I’d love to see the long term cost benefit analysis these big players are using to decide to get into China! It’s almost a matter of course that they will get burned somehow but they keep going! I want to see just what they consider an acceptable loss!

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