Full Text: Dendairy and Dairibord Holdings announce they will no longer merge

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On 6 July last year it was revealed in a cautionary statement Dendairy Private Limited and Dairiboard Holdings Limited were in the process of exploring a merger that would see the two become one. It seems that this will no longer be happening. Dairibord has now issued a statement withdrawing the cautionary statement.


Dairibord Holdings Limited and Dendairy (Privated) Limited have been exploring opportunities for creating sustainable shareholder value for mutual benefit. Shareholders are referred to the cautionary announcement first published on 1 July 2020 and are advised that the conclusion of the discussions indicates that it is in the interest of both parties to discontinue the process and remain as separate entities.

The contents of the cautionary have ceased to have any effect on the company. Accordingly, caution is no longer required to be exercised when dealing in company shares.

The parties express best wishes and success for the future.

By Order of the Board

Samson Punzisani

Company Secretary

27 August 2021

The withdrawal of caution by Dairibord marks the end of the merger attempt.


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  1. Oh, Okay

    This was a thing? Even if Dairibord is one of the most successful former parastatals, I find it and Dendairy to be strange bedfellows corporate culture wise. Of course, this is from a very casual observer perspective. Still, I wonder what the business case looked like. It would make for a nice white paper someday.

  2. Ggs

    If you can’t beat them join then…

  3. Mandie

    This is actually better this way. Cause the merge was going to cause unfair playing field for other dairy companies.

    1. Anonymous

      The competitive organ would never have approved that. Because those 2 companies are too big. Vaidonhedza mamwe ma small businesses.

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