Wadiwa Wepamoyo S2 coming September!

Wadiwa Wepamoyo Season 2

You know something is good…or bad when memes are made out of it. I mean who can forget the iconic ‘Ndeipi’ line. And that’s the sort of treatment Wadiwa Wepamoyo got in its season debut. Well, this local drama is bringing us an encore next month!

And drama is what it has been on and off the screen. If you were not aware, at the height of the show, College Central who are the producers of the show as well as the YouTube channel where it aired, got their account hacked.

They could have lost all their revenue and subscription base of just over 60K at the time. They thankfully were able to recover the account before too much damage was done and managed to resume the rest of the show.

It’s amazing how they were capable to pull it off at the height of COVID and were able to keep the ball rolling. If you need to catch up on what you missed in season 1 you might need to subscribe to the College Central YouTube channel.


What’s your take?

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  1. Anonymous

    Edwin I am certain grammaly you how it works, install it and use it when writing to avoid spelling errors

    1. Anonymous

      *Grammarly – you can’t even spell right

  2. Madzibaba

    Wadiwa wepaMoyo season 1 it ws a good piece of production i really enjoyed the art.Keep on the good work high tinosvika chete palevel reHollywood one day

  3. Dr Masadza

    Handitochizivi chinhu ichocho, muchaita kuti ndide kuchiona 😆😆

  4. Clay’s

    Ahhh l like your movie team ndanonokerwa amana🤣🤣

  5. Anonymous

    Yaaa this drama is gud keep working

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