Local freelance startup AfriBlocks gets US$100K funding from Google

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AfriBlocks Google

AfriBlocks has gone from strength to strength. The company announced yesterday that it has been awarded US$100,000 by Google as part of its US Black Founders Fund.

“It’s such an honour to be announced as part of this year’s Google for Startups U.S. Black Founders Fund. From technical support to a network of incredible startups, we’re thrilled to have access to these resources.”

Roger Roman, AfriBlocks Co-Founder

If you remember earlier this year AfriBlocks announced that it had been selected for Techstars Seattle Cohort. This made it the first Zimbabwean startup to be chosen for an illustrious US-based incubator. AfriBlocks followed that up by co-hosting the Black Blockchain Summit 2021.

Selection for Google’s Black Founders Fund included the strength of the AfriBlocks’s application, size, readiness for funding, and whether Google could uniquely support AfriBlocks aside from the capital. Also considered was the demonstrated need for funding as some recipients were put in more difficult fundraising positions than others because of the pandemic.

“When Black founders get adequate funding and support, it goes a long way. We’re thrilled to carry forward that impact as we build the tech infrastructure for Africa’s future of work.”

Tongayi Choto, AfriBlocks Co-Founder

It’s good to see that AfriBlock is surging forward on all fronts. This is very encouraging for the local startup ecosystem and I am sure that there are many who will take inspiration from what AfriBlocks has been able to achieve.

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Earlier this year we had the opportunity to talk to one of AfriBlock’s co-founders about being selected for the Techstars Cohort and what it meant for them as well as the Zimbabwean startup ecosystem.

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