Zimnat partners with BancABC in their Gadziriro sign up drive

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Recently I decided to have my own funeral policy cover for me and my family. For years, I am ashamed to say, I had been relying on my parents’ cover but the third wave of COVID-19 and my own personal health demons made me confront my own mortality and I decided to go on the hunt for the package and company that suited my needs.

After evaluating a number of popular packages by popular providers I ended up settling on ZIMNAT’s Gadziriro/Lungiselelo package for a number of reasons:

  • They give cash payouts as they provide cover. This means you can choose a service provider of your choice or take the money and use it in other ways when you suffer a loss. This is important in today’s world where overlapping policies are quite common. You only need one coffin and hearse after all.
  • They have USD cover. Most providers do but in my humber opinion their offered more value for money. I hate ZWL packages as they are constantly being adjusted for inflation and rate changes sometimes at the most inconvient times. That reminds me of my father’s funeral and the horrible Doves experience we had due to inflation. We ended up footing the funeral from our own pockets despite years of faithfully paying our premiums. I never want to go through that again.
  • The biggest seller for me was the fact that I could sign up online. Or so I thought. Turns out it’s all a gimmick. The selfcare website kept failing until I got in touch with their support and they offered to manually sign me up. The most annoying part was when they asked me to make a Nostro cash deposit at Stanbic. My local Stanbic bank is almost always swamped with scores of people for reasons I am yet to understand. So I just filled the form and tossed it somewhere.

ZIMNAT partners with BancABC decentralising the sign up process

Then this caught my eye

I was just about to give up and do what I do best-procrastinate when something caught my eye on my Twitter feed. It seems now ZIMNAT and BancABC have just partnered together in a relationship that solves my problem and decentralises ZIMNAT’s sign up process.

Not only does BancABC have a local branch that I can go to, but they have also long banked on the agency model and have banking kiosks in practically every Pick N Pay branch. This instantly means more reach for ZIMNAT and for BancABC it means more services under one roof.



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    Is techzim a news or tech blog ? typical zimbabwean startup …you guys seem confused * 100

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    For real

  3. Teee

    Do you happen to have the sales percentages of policies sold through the bancassurance partnership.

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