Altar, a platform for homegrown Christian content

Altar App Christian Content platform

Churches have had to adapt to the pressures of the pandemic much like every other community in the world. We have seen many congregations move services online either in Zoom meetings or on Facebook and YouTube live streams. Even though restrictions have been relaxed the utility of online platforms has remained and a local SA-based startup called Sound Central launched an app called Altar that hosts homegrown Christian content.

The Altar app and website feature video and audio content be it sermons or Bible study classes. Altar also has Super Mix and a Spotify inspired Discover Weekly that gives users new content or material they would have otherwise not searched for. Sound Central wants to keep Africans living abroad connected with homegrown religious teachings where ever they are in the world.

At present, the Altar is available on the Google Play Store and as earlier mentioned through the website, however, there are plans in place to make an iOS app for it. On top of the free content, users can also purchase books and other material through the app and the website.

You can download and check out the app for yourself with the link here.

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  1. Father Balacus vekuRoma

    Where can i get homegrown Bhudist content? The only religion in the world which spreads peace and love. Christians give money to useless pastors who don’t even give it to starving children in war torn countries. #donatetotheneedy. Don’t be greedy fool

  2. ndikutoshayawo kuti zvabva nepi

    Horaiti, wapedza kutaura izvozvo. Watofara so? Pathetic

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