Gateway Stream launches a fantastic way for influencers to make money on the platform

Gateway Stream social influencer program cover

Local super app Gateway Stream has continued its artist/creator focus model by offering influencers a way of monetising their brands by earning commissions on the platform. As I am sure you are all aware, Zimbabwe has influencers who have reached the 1 million views/followers mark and beyond. However, there is still a gap in terms of the social influencers actually earning an income from their presence on social platforms. Most of these platforms will only pay when views or followers reach a certain threshold, in the absence of which the social influencer does not earn anything.

“We aim to help social influencers exploit the valuable asset that they have, that is, access to markets, in a way that ensures that they monetize their brand equity. Social influencers already have what corporates want, a defined market and reach, which they access in an effective cost-effective way”

Tendai Madziwanyika, Rainbow Tourism Group Chief Executive

Through Gateway Stream’s Social Influencer program artists will be issued with an account on the Gateway Stream platform and a promo code. This account will allow the influencers to sell all the products that are found on the Gateway Stream platform and earn a commission from the sales. Gateway Stream has a diverse product range from groceries, hardware, clothing, hotel accommodation, adventure activities, food & drink, and short-term insurance.

A follower of the social network will have to quote the promo code when processing a booking or making a purchase on Gateway Stream. Once a member completes a purchase by way of payment, the agreed commission level for the specific product category will be credited to the social influencer’s account. The more sales the social influencer makes the more money they stand to earn!

“So far we have registered over 30 social influencers, ranging from musicians, comedians, and trending social influencers. Instead of being just brand ambassadors for different companies, they can earn passive and perpetual income directly from their networks “

“We are driven by the desire to help social influencers gain greater value from their social networks,”

Taremeredzwa Chipepera, General Manager for Gateway Stream

Gateway Stream is currently working on the development of a portal that will enable the social influencers to have backend access where they can load their own products, view transactions under their promo code, track their commission and request pay-outs from their account.

Besides the products on the platform, social influencers can also have an opportunity to brand and sell their own memorabilia such as clothing lines, perfumes, etc. on the Gateway Stream platform.

“The sky is the limit to opportunities which our local social influencers can explore on Gateway Stream. It’s time for them to make money from their brand, using music and entertainment as a hook! Imagine just converting 1% of their following – they will be well on your way to becoming a millionaire!” said Madziwanyika.

Tendai Madziwanyika, Rainbow Tourism Group Chief Executive

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  1. Tkayz

    But i have tried to watch Paghetto on this platform it still needs some fixing because zvakaramba kunodai pano nepano

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