Soccer bundle, an affordable way to consume soccer news and results on the internet

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Soccer 24, Zimbabwe’s largest dedicated football/soccer publication has introduced an affordable way for fans to access information about the game they love so much.

Currently, the Soccer Bundle is available for Econet subscribers only. Subscribers who buy this bundle get access to the website which is a data free version of Soccer 24.

How to buy the bundle?

To buy the bundle you visit the site where you will see a prompt to buy the bundle. For a week’s access you pay ZW$109. Payment is immediate using Ecocash or Onemoney on that same page. Once you have paid, the paywall will be lifted and you will be able to access the content. When you visit the website again you use the Econet number that you bought the bundle for as the log in account name.


The caveat to this bundle though is that when you have regular airtime on your Econet line you should make sure that out of bundle browsing is switched off. If you don’t do this, visiting the Soccer 24 website will first deplete your airtime before the bundle kicks in. The same applies if you have a data bundle for the broader internet (regular data bundle), this will be depleted first before the soccer bundle kicks in.


What’s your take?

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  1. Isaac

    Good News football lovers ☺️

  2. Tronixx

    It’s kind of a rip off when you pay $109 then it depletes your regular data first.

  3. D1vant

    The whole thing is explained like a scam, even the website name has zero in it…. When it’s supposed to be payed for

  4. Anonymous

    The issue is not getting another bundle, cheaper internet is the answer. POTRAZ should reduce their fees. Bundles are killing innovation, we will soon have 100s of bundles for each service. It will only lead to complexity and confusing

  5. Anonymous

    I can literally watch soccer news on whatsapp with just my bundle. Why another bundle? What’s the point? You guys are literally out of ideas. IT’S SAAAD!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Other countries are pushing 5G, Content Delivery Networks, Cloud Metro, improving E-learning, E-health, better payment platforms, cryptocurrency and we are still trying to push bundles in this day and age.

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