First Capital Bank partners with Hellopaisa and is going paperless

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First Capital Bank Limited has today announced two major developments that it says will positively reshape its service delivery for key segments. These are the launch of its collaborative partnership with Hellopaisa Money Transfer Agency and a move to go paperless under its personal account segment. 


Money transfer inflows from the diaspora have been something to behold over the last couple of years. In 2021 money coming into Zimbabwe surpassed 2020’s impressive figure of US$1.002 billion by 43% (US$1.430 billion). So it would only make sense that more banks get as many money transfer agents (MTAs) on as possible. First Capital Bank already has RIA but it has now added Hellopaisa…

Hellopaisa Money Transfer Agency is a reputable and internationally recognised organisation that has set the pace of the remittance market with major operations in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Hellopaisa services are provided by Daytona Capital Management which is headquartered in England with partners in over 28 countries.

Under this partnership, First Capital will offer “Cash Pay Out” services to walk-in customers across its branch network with a valid  Hellopaisa token code after all the necessary checks have been performed.

“We are excited about this partnership and the value it will unlock for our customers.  In today’s operating climate, our mandate is to offer diverse banking solutions that align with consumer needs by providing convenience and relevance. Our inspiration is drawn from the opportunity to tap into new markets through value-adding partnerships such as these.” 

Ciaran McSharry, First Capital Bank Managing Director

In branch paperless services

To enhance the customer experience journey, First Capital will now be ‘Going Paperless’ for all personal transactions in-branch. This means that with the backing of robust system infrastructure, transacting in-branch has been made safer, easier, and the bank says smarter for their clients where digital channel usage will now be at the core of their consumer operations. This transition process will run till 30 April 2022, after which customers will be expected to transact digitally.  

“This initiative will also align us with global trends and standards of digital banking. Through the  transition we will continue to invest in system development where our collective efforts will ease  migration for our customers. Whilst we have made this announcement today, we are extending a  notice period to our customers and clients to give them adequate time to migrate to paperless banking  by registering on our diverse digital platforms. Our role is to ensure that all our customers transition  with ease during this exciting journey” 

Angela Kamhiriri, Consumer Banking Director

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