NetOne at ZITF2022: “driving the metaverse”, agritech, e-tolls, smart services & more

NetOne, UZ student steals lines, ZITF2022

NetOne had one of the more fascinating stands at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF2022). The state-owned mobile network operator (MNO) is really pushing the metaverse angle as it is their chief motto at its stall in the main hall. NetOne’s mobile money division was not left out of things because it was paying for motorists’ ZINARA toll-gate fees for some motorists entering Bulawayo.

ZINARA on Twitter

Furthermore, OneMoney is reportedly working on e-tolls for tollgates as well as introducing the more secure chip and pin cards for the mobile money service. NetOne, on the other hand, showed us through its Agritech and edutech projects and a whole lot more at ZITF2022

You can watch our tour of NetOne’s ZITF2022 with the player below. Alternatively, you can watch it on YouTube directly with the link here.

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  1. Pink Panther

    It’s funny how Techzim has lost a lot of reader lately. All because of their boring articles. You guys aren’t talking about many things happening around the country. You suck. I’m out

    1. Neutrinos

      Rakamama site iri, kungoshaya bag chete otherwise l would buy data and go on proper sites. Makamama team rangu, somedays they go one article per day throughout the weekend wori ona futi Monday masikati apa rinengr riri ra Friday.

      Dira hako rizare, Techzim yakamama

      1. Tony Stark

        Dira rizare🍺

  2. Tony Stark

    Techzim! We need better content from you. Let me quote you here:

    “Techzim is an information technology and business publication that obsesses about the opportunity of tech particularly the internet for individuals and businesses in Zimbabwe and the greater African region.

    We publish news, analysis and opinion on tech and related contextual issues with a focus on breaking it down for the novice whilst still engaging the most sophisticated practitioner. ”

    Where did all the tech go💀? You should be posting about things like the latest advancements in AI💡, NASA’s Artemis mission🚀, just anything and everything tech. I no longer even see the phone reviews anymore. This is disappointing🚯. Honestly

    1. Anonymous

      Beggars must not be choosers

    2. Isaac

      I second and third you there. Where’s Garikai Dzoma these days?

  3. Pink Panther

    All tech things happening should be posted here! I don’t even know why you aren’t doing that. We need to know more about tech everyday. You’ve lost thousands of readers because of your ignorance

    1. Openview

      I think they are now focused on their pindula site, other wise hapana hapana tech ❌❌❌

    2. Can’t Please ‘Em All

      Thats interesting. I remember years ago when people were complaining about techzim operating like an international tech news aggregator!
      Anyway, I don’t think the situation is as dire as you make it out to be, but i do think a middle ground can be reached. Maybe they can expand their ‘contributor’ system to create regular content outside of the Zim sphere, but not so much as to make their name meaningless.

  4. Max

    Why when we have Econet

  5. Lets crawl before we can walk

    The Elephant in the room is affordable internet and high-speed internet. As long as we are still using dial-up speed internet which is costly, we can forget about innovation. We can talk about Metaverse, AI, blockchain, and cloud but all this runs on top of a robust network. We can rush to bring in all these great innovations but as long as we are running speed test of kbps and unstable internet connections we can forget. What should be prioritised is High-speed affordable internet, everything else will come in place.

    1. warrior

      We can’t be talking about Meta-verse while we still have these dial up speed and they are expensive.

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