EcoCash says service is back up after hours-long outage.

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Mobile Money Operator, EcoCash Zimbabwe which went down this morning has announced on its Twitter page that the service is back up and running.

EcoCash post on social media reads as follows.

Dear Valued Customer

We are happy to advise that all EcoCash services are fully restored and are working normally. You can now Do a Bank to Wallet, Send Money, Pay ZESA, Pay Merchant, buy Airtime and Pay Bills smoothly from your ZWL wallet and you can also Cash-In US$, Send US$ and Cash-Out US$.

Thank you for your patience and we again apologise for all inconveniences caused.



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  1. Obey Mthunzie

    That was not fair

  2. Imali Yami!

    After they were back online I got hit with a wave of panic, convinced some of my money had disappeared! I can’t be the only one! I think the Zimbabwe National Association for Mental Health should register this a new sub-type of paranoia. ‘Ecocash Paranoid Disorder’ has a nice, legit ring to it🤣 (obvious joke is obvious)

  3. dordle

    I felt a feeling of worry wash over me as I realized part of my money was vanished. It’s not just me, right? The Zimbabwe National Association for Mental Health need to officially recognize this kind of paranoia.

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