EcoCash upgrades security, enhancing customer data protection & privacy

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EcoCash, Zimbabwe’s leading mobile money platform, has introduced additional security enhancements to its platform to beef up customer data privacy and strengthen the system’s security.

The measures announced by the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Munyaradzi Nhamo today, include protecting the customer’s identity by ensuring that when making merchant payments in shops or paying bills at any service providers, the EcoCash user’s mobile number is not visible on the printed or SMS receipts.

Mr Nhamo said the EcoCash security improvements would prevent unauthorised access to Ecocash customer numbers.

“The security enhancements will address the issue of possible misuse of EcoCash customer details and will also bring us to full PCI DSS compliance”

Munyaradzi Nhamo, Chief Operating Officer EcoCash

PCI DSS refers to the global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a global data security standard adopted by organisations that, among other things, accept payment cards from the major global credit card firms, such as Visa and MasterCard.

Mr Nhamo said EcoCash would continue to enhance customer security, as well as the security of the fintech and payments ecosystem it operates in. He added

“We are committed to ensuring that we continuously improve the national payments ecosystem that we are a participant of,”

Munyaradzi Nhamo, Chief Operating Officer EcoCash

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