Run with Bitcoin: Crypto evangelist stops by Zim on “40 countries in 400 days” world tour

Paco de la India, Run with Bitcoin

Paco De La India is a Bitcoin enthusiast who has been travelling across the world with his Bitcoin wallet and spreading the gospel of the alternative currency on his Run with Bitcoin initiative. He recently stopped by Zimbabwe on a two-city tour which started in Bulawayo.

“I have been traveling around the world over the last 6 years and going to different countries, and being an Indian Passport holder, I realized how easy it would be to have just one Passport and one single currency for everyone.”

“Well, One single passport is still far away, but 1 Currency is possible. I believe BITCOIN is the answer. I have read the Bitcoin Standard and the White paper. The adoption is still happening. Bitcoin is like a rabbit hole. And I am in there. I would like to now travel around the World and Vlog the entire journey by just using BITCOIN. I strongly believe that there are wonderful people who believe in Bitcoin too. I would love to meet you all in your city, state, country wherever you are.”

Paco De La India – Run with Bitcoin

Paco believes that Bitcoin is the answer to many of the fiscal issues in Africa because of its decentralised nature. What this essentially means is that, unlike a bank, the Bitcoin transactional ledger is available to the public and is open. Secondly, he talked at length about the nature of money, saying that the United States Dollar is not backed by anything similar to our ZWL$.

This raises the question… Why not Bitcoin? You can watch the answer to that question and more with the player below or you can go straight to YouTube with the link here.

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  1. Top 10 cryptocurrency to invest

    I am really glad to learn about his world tour with Bitcoin. Can you please tell me which cryptocurrency to buy at this moment?

  2. Ruf

    Very risky investment… The fact that you asking this question you should definitely stay away

  3. Andrew

    The fact that William chui of the golix scandal where they took off with coins on their exchange puts his theory of transparency in and decentralisation the to shame…no. Accountability… Almost the same as rbz

  4. Tawanda

    What’s gonna happen to bitcoin after the last coin is mined? Apparently that’s about to happen very soon

  5. User

    Hi zimbos if u looking for a bitcoin wallet that allow us zimbos try

  6. Nitpik

    Crypto is a cesspool why all the shenanigans and aggressive marketing if the tech is so “revolutionary”…

  7. Prestige

    Great guy, had good time with him. Hodling for life

  8. Uncle K

    If you don’t see BTC or Crypto as a solution to the world economy, you are Blind 😂

    Imagine a country with a currency No one control !!!! 🤯

  9. Uncle K

    If you don’t see BTC or Crypto as a solution to the world economy, you are Blind 😂

    Imagine a country with a currency No one control !!!! 🤯

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