[Video] Elevating African narratives through graphic design with Fungi Dube

In this episode of Story Untold, I chat with Fungi Dube – a Scientist turned self-taught creative solopreneur. She took the bold and scary move of making a career pivot from working in sports conditioning to now being a Brand and Visual Identity Designer.

In my interview with Fungi Dube we discussed, 1) her journey into design, 2) her transitioning from being employed to becoming self-employed, 3) the importance of decolonizing design education in Africa, and more…

Watch the full interview below:

The Story Untold ZW is a media project challenging stereotypical narratives on Zimbabwean creatives, entrepreneurs and athletes. If that’s something you enjoy please subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

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  2. Justinmac

    how important it is for Africa to decolonize design education, and more… backrooms game

  3. kiricowell

    I have to say, this is a great blog. I love to read posts like this that are both informative and entertaining age of war

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