“There was no comic book community in Zimbabwe, so we made Comexposed” – Eugene Mapondera

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In the most recent episode of Story Untold ZW, I sat with Eugene Ramirez Mapondera – the creative director at Kay Media Africa and Co-founder of Comexposed, a creative hub for digital artists in Zimbabwe.

Mapondera is an accomplished animator and illustrator, having worked in film, advertising, and publishing for over 14 years. He has been the go-to storyboard artist for over 20 indie films & music videos from Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK including The Secret Princess (the UK, 2016) and Boston (the USA, 2014). Eugene is an active content creator and commentator on African pop culture and technology. He was a jury member at the 2022 Durban International Film Festival.

In the interview which you can watch below we talked about:

  • How far Zimbabwe is from having an animation industry;
  • Hotshots: the first serialized Zimbabwean comic book;
  • The origin of Comexposed;
  • Making and distribution of comics in Zimbabwe
  • … and more

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  1. D.K.

    Who are the other founders as Eugene is said to be a co-founder? How creative to the entity are the other co-directors?

    1. Inaugural Comexposed Attendee

      Tinodiwa Zambe Makoni is the co-founder alongside Eugene. They are essentially THE DYNAMIC DUO when it comes to creating a Zim community around comics and animation.
      Worked with or around both of them. Top guys

      1. D.K.

        Thank you. With the world having become a global village, with technology they can work for anywhere from anywhere. While most of the world understands comics, it is here where they will have to go an extra mile to expose the comic. Big up to them!

      2. M2

        Who is behind Crazy Creative Minds Studios? The guy is a genius. I bumped into their Youtube channel by accident and binge-watched everything I could find there. The language may not be for everyone but the guy’s creativity is on the highest level.

  2. Nobert Kazingizi

    A welcome initiative!

    I met a young intern at an ad agency years ago. His portfolio in superheroes was amazing. He was looking for an outlet for his creative prowess.

    Web based comics could bridge the gap and provide easy access to this media.


    Guys hapana whatsapp group rema gamers here kana riripo please post the link or give me tags


    Guys hapana whatsapp group rema gamers here kana riripo please let me know or send me tags

    1. nhema

      Politics everywhere even at home even in rural areas not to mention in cities what about in churches schools even underground. politics in families politics everywhere even in space ask NASA at bars it is there too l am shooked

      1. nhema

        Life is political

  5. Cyber Ghost

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    1. I am the product

      JC almighty! If I ever see another one of their ads on YouTube again, wasting my data, I might go mad! They are on every freakin’ video for me🤦🏿‍♂️

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