Get these discounts on your airtime and even food purchases this Christmas


How about a little festive season gift? We could always do with those and today, we look at some of the promotions that the mobile money players have stuffed in our stockings.

We know you’ll be spending big this holiday and so these platforms are playing Santa.

O’Mari (*707#)

Here’s the promotion that one of the youngest mobile wallets is running until the end of March 2024. I had to say “one of” because everyone wants in on this space and another wallet could pop up as we speak.

Anyway, here’s the O’Mari promotion – buy any amount of USD airtime through their platform and you get a whole 10% back, in cold hard cash straight into your wallet. In other words, you’re getting a 10% discount on your USD airtime purchases.

That means if you bought $10 airtime, you would get a dollar back. So, $10 airtime for $9.

O’Mari – 10% OFF USD Airtime, until the end of March 2024

EcoCash (*151#)

The big brother has some promotions running. There’s one they are running with sister Econet called the iKhisimusi Sifikile promotion where you stand the chance to win stuff by just buying airtime. They say:

EcoCash – Recharge from just $1 weekly using EcoCash USD and you automatically enter the draw.

Just what do you stand to win? TVs, Gas Stoves, Fridges, Phones and Airtime.

Do know that there are other ways to enter the draw and to enter other promotions (Econet ones):

  • Recharge at least ZWL250 per week & stand a chance to win in draws that will be held electronically every fortnightly
  • Buy a device from any Econet shop and stand a chance to win
  • Spend at least US$10 or equivalence at an Econet Shop for a chance to win amazing prizes in the in-store pop-a-balloon and win promotion

With these promotions you could win a big item but most will go empty-handed. In the O’Mari and InnBucks ones everyone gets a small discount.

InnBucks (*569#)

These guys have several promotions running.

InnBucks – Get up to 10%* cash back when you pay using InnBucks on all Simbisa Brands products.

I know some of you will be eating more junk food than they should this festive season and if that’s you, you might want to use InnBucks. They are giving you a 10% discount on all Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn etc food if you use InnBucks to pay.

InnBucks – Get up to 5% Cashback if you Buy your Airtime on our Mobile Apps & USSD platform.

This is like the O’Mari one above, however, O’Mari is offering double what InnBucks is offering.

OneMoney (*111#)

Time is running out on theirs as it ends on the 26th of December. Here’s the offer:

OneMoney – Recharge with USD $3 via OneMoney and stand to win the grand prize of either an iPad Pro or a Galaxy Tab.

That’s not all there is to win. There are also weekly prizes of : $20 airtime vouchers to 50 winners & 3 people will grab the latest Samsung Galaxy M32 phones.

There you go

You likely already have most of the wallets listed above. Therefore, you have the flexibility to select and activate any of them based on the promotions that resonate with you.

With InnBucks (5%) and O’Mari (10%) everyone gets a discount on USD airtime purchases. It’s a sure thing unlike EcoCash and OneMoney’s prize draws, however, if you happen to win on those you stand to win much bigger prizes.

If you’re going to be buying junk food then the obvious choice is InnBucks. Why would you let a 10% discount go to waste?

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  1. D.K.

    Some financial institution also has something going on with one of the networks lasting up to March 2024

  2. Aj

    Picture iyo bho here🤣🤣🤣

    1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

      What’s wrong with the picture? 🤣

  3. Jose

    We all know no one wins with Big brother Leonard, they are a bunch of frauds.

  4. Ashley Dandadzi


    1. Ashley

      It goes wth ur trust in this

  5. Americaissodom

    Do people actually win these things or it’s just for promo. I swear I’ve participate in these items, but handisati ndambonzwa munhu 1 anoti akawinner zvinhu, esp. zveEconet. Netone i doubt, it’s already in shambles as is, hameno if they can manage to give people more. If Onemoney is running this promo then anoMukoma vanosenda one money airtime muStreet are likely to score ka

    1. Anonymous

      Mm Market8ng strategies …. Nothing more

  6. Trapped

    Econet kutora Mari chete hapana promotion yaunohwina ikoko nxaa.

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