Event: This year’s IP Clinic is this Friday – 26 April

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Techzim readers no doubt care about innovative ideas and tech. And most of you here are part of a team building something that you consider innovative. Some new idea, or new angle on the old, that will hopefully shake the market, and make you something.

Sadly, not enough of us pay attention to protecting what we build. As part of our jobs here at Techzim, we get to hear the war stories of stolen ideas – real and imagined.

Building products and a business is hard enough as it is (dare I say harder in Zim and Africa) – Working so hard, just to lose what you create, or not benefit from its commercials, because you didn’t spare time to understand how IP impacts it, sucks.

Spare a day to learn about IP and to network with other creators and builders of things. This week will close with Word Intellectual Property Day on the 26th of April. Our friends over at BMatanga IP Attorneys have an annual IP Clinic event that coincides with this day. It’s a great opportunity to learn about IP.

There’s quite an impressive line up of speakers, amoung them:

  • Oswald Jumira – CEO at Liquid C2 which focuses on cloud computing, cyber security, AI across Africa, Middle East and Latin America. He’s been in the Zim tech ecosystem for over a decade and has no doubt accumulated a lot relevant experience to share.
  • Walter Wanyanya – Techies will know him as the founder of one of the more visible Apple stores locally, Techtools at Avondale, but others will also know him for the annual music events he started and has grown quite impressively over the years.
  • Prechard Mhako – who leads a consulting firm that helps new ventures, startups, businesses with strategy. He will speak on IP in venture building and value creation.
  • Zola Ndlovu is a lawyer and entrepreneur who has made her mark in the legal and tech industries
  • Dr. Mungai Lenneiye – Former World Bank Country Rep for Zim who also established the popular B2C Co-working space and also of some Innovation spaces in Zimbabwe including. He will deliver the keynote address.
  • Keen Mushapaidze – a notable figure in the Zimbabwean music industry, primarily recognized for his role as the manager of the celebrated musician Jah Prayzah. He will be on a panel on Music and IP.
  • Lara Kayode – An outstanding IP lawyers in Nigeria, will speak on what happens when copycats counterfeit your products or mess with your branding.

There are more. We will not list them all here. Please head over the to the event page here to register to attend: bmatanga.com/ipclinic


What’s your take?

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