Event: Evolve ICT Summit 2024 will be held at the HICC from tomorrow (May 2nd to 3rd)

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Here is a summary of what the event is all about:

  • Event: Evolve ICT Summit
  • Why: “to leverage technology for cross-sector collaboration and bridge the digital divide across government, private businesses and various industries.”
  • When: Thursday the 2nd to Friday the 3rd of May
  • Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm on both days (There will be a cocktail that will run on Friday evening from 5pm – 8pm.)
  • Where: Rainbow Towers Hotel & International Conference Centre (HICC)
  • Cost:  It’s US$400 per delegate and US$200 per student covering the two day conference. That covers attendance of the two day conference, conference packs, meals, closing cocktail, photos, 5 minutes post event highlights and the speakers’ presentations. Viewing exhibits is free though and some of the companies exhibiting include Econet Wireless, Compulink, Eskill Trading, DFA Zimbabwe, ZiFM and 3KTV.

On who should attend, the event organisers say “the target audience is CEO/Managing Directors, Board Members, Executives, CIO/IT Directors, CFO/Finance Directors, Managers /Network Administrators, Development and Operational Teams, SMME’s, Senior Leaders across all Government Department’s: Provincial and Municipal, Education Institution Heads, Medical Institution Heads, Sales and Procurement Managers, Top level representatives from Large, Medium and Small ICT Private Companies and Students and those seeking career guidance in the ICT space.”

All set for Evolve ICT Summit 2024 at the HICC

The stage is set for the inaugural Evolve ICT Summit 2024 to be held tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday (May 2 to May 3, 2024) at Harare International Conference Centre.

The event, which will be hosted by leading ICT company Compulink Holdings, aims to leverage technology for cross-sector collaboration and bridge the digital divide across government, private businesses and various industries.

“The Evolve ICT Summit will create a platform to harness relevant ICT possibilities for Africa’s advancement,” said Simon Nyamuda, Compulink’s Managing Director and event organiser. “It will attract leading minds in the ICT industry to showcase cutting-edge trends and best practices.”

Nyamuda said the unique event will provide a platform for thought leaders in the ICT Industry to mentor and impart knowledge to Africa’s next generation of ICT start-ups and enthusiasts.

In addition, he said, the summit seeks to establish a centralized repository of knowledge resources for the dissemination of information online. “We believe this will go a long way in enhancing Africa’s knowledge management” Nyamuda said.

The summit agenda features a strong lineup of speakers, representing diverse sectors of the technology industry, including AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, cloud computing, IoT and more.

ICT Minister Tatenda Mavetera will officially open the summit on Friday morning, which is running under the theme “Lead with Vision”.

Several highly respected and reputable speakers, such as Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Group chief executive Dr Douglas Mboweni, Group CEO of MorniPac International Dr Whisper Rukanda and Compulink Co-Founder Mr Edward Nyamuda, will present and share notes at the Summit.

In addition, the event will also bring tech entrepreneur Tawanda Chihambakwe, MD of Eskill Trading Brett Hensberg, STEMLady Holdings CEO Sicelo Dube and Deputy Director of Research, Innovation, and Education 5.0 at Arupe Jesuit University Prudence Kadebu, among other speakers.

Nyamuda said the Summit’s agenda would span topics crucial to navigating the complexities of the digital age and aims to equip delegates with invaluable insights and strategies to succeed in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

“Topics to be addressed at the Summit will include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, robotics, drone technology in agriculture, empowering women in STEM, change management, digital transformation, cyber security, the Internet of Things, and career guidance for technology students,” he said.

In addition, the Evolve ICT Summit will enable tech companies to showcase the latest advancements in technology through product exhibitions and tech demonstrations by leading companies and startups.


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  1. ClydexGamingYT

    Bro we need some updates on the data free websites on econet

    1. Anonymous

      There’s only tech I’m hahaha

      1. The Last Don

        $400 to hear POTRAZ lock out serious service providers who can best enable AI? Nothing will come out of it except raising funds for something which will not happen under the current setup. Mark my words.

  2. ClydexGamingYT

    We need updates on Econet free data websites

    :/ Just saying 🙂

    1. Iona

      Is there such a thing kkkk,in Zimbabwe,FREE

  3. 442

    Year we need to know zero rated apps

  4. D.K.

    The event is for the elite. No Zimbabwean can afford the cost and I can only see company sponsored individuals attending. Pity the students who could immensely benefit.
    If the Computer Society of Zimbabwe is still functional, why has it not been invited to the event to, at least, submit a panelist?

    1. Anonymous

      I guess you can say that. If you can’t make up for the cost in serious networking or gained knowledge or services, this isn’t the place to be. Honestly, I got a free invite to this under a service provider I contract with and I declined! I love free food as much as the next gal but this would be a snooze fest for me😂

  5. rip off

    400 in proper money, wow !!

  6. Emma Watson

    I’m sorry, but it seems there might be a bit of a mix-up. Today is May 7th, so the Evolve ICT Summit at the HICC has already concluded. If you attended, I hope you found it insightful! If not, perhaps there will be another opportunity in the future. Pencuri Movie

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