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Ruvheneko Appointed To Senior Position At Zimpapers

Government-owned, Zimpapers Group has restructured its senior management team by appointing Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa as the company’s radio Projects Manager. The radio personality is known and remembered for hosting engaging and passionate interviews with some well known public figures that include Evan Mawarire and Tawanda Mutyebere. The new post is another step of her ascendancy in […]

WhatsApp,Facebook,Instagram And Twitter Usage Will Soon Be Taxed In Uganda

Users of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc will soon be taxed in Uganda for using these platforms according to Uganda’s Finance Minister. The Minister’s announcement came as a result of a letter sent to him by Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni dated 12 March. Museveni has been pressuring the country’s revenue Authority to find new tax sources […]

‘Posh’ Zimbabwean Social Media Personality In The UK Begs For Visa Money On Social Media

Rutendo Tichiwangani, now popularly known as VisaBae is a Zimbabwean national in the UK who has gained public attention for raising Visa application money on the internet on the background of being known to live a lavish lifestyle defined by wearing designer clothes, going to fancy restaurants and using trendy phones. VisaBae has appealed for […]

ZSE Trades Decrease But Turnover Surges In The First Quarter

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) witnessed a tumbling of the volume of shares traded in the first quarter to  297 386 164  compared to a similar period last year. However, the value of shares traded for the first quarter surged by as much as 204% to $144 555 983 comparable to the first quarter of 2017. […]

WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Choose Who To Inform When You Change Your Number

WhatsApp has added a new feature that lets you choose who to inform when you have changed your WhatsApp number. Currently, when a user changes their phone number they can migrate all their contacts, groups and chats to their new number and everyone will see it that you have changed your number. This would inform […]

Potraz Seeks To Facilitate Economic Growth With A New Set Of Regulations

Post Telecom Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has drawn up a draft Bill that is intended to repeal The Postal and Telecommunications ACT {Chapter 12:05}. The telecoms regulator said this is driven by regulatory deficiencies which have risen as a result of drastic changes in the Information and Communication Technologies landscape since the ACT was promulgated […]

MMM Founder Dies. Many Zimbabweans Lost Their Money In The Scheme, You Remember?

The founder of Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox notoriously known as MMM, Sergei Mavrodi died last week as a result of a heart attack. Mavrodi was a pioneer of MMM, a pyramid scheme that stretched back to the early 90s and was introduced to Zimbabwe in or by 2015. MMM promised attractive returns to participants that averaged […]

Netone Donates Wi-Fi Devices In Rural Areas To Increase OneMoney Customers

Netone through OneMoney is donating wi-fi devices to councils in rural areas so that district administrators can make smooth OneMoney transactions whilst simultaneously increasing internet access to the remote areas. This comes after Netone introduced EasyCover late last month to propel the use of its mobile money platform, OneMoney.  The wi-fi devices called One-Fi have already been […]

Banks Partly To Blame For Externalization Of Funds, Bankers Association Of Zimbabwe Confirms

Bankers Association of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has acknowledged that banks had a significant role to play in making the externalization of funds possible. Some weeks ago, President Mnangagwa released an infamous list that implicated many organizations and individuals in externalizing $827 million worth of funds. Charity Jinya, BAZ president admitted that some financial institutions had not […]

Tired Of Your Employees WhatsApp Addiction At Work? Here Is The Answer

As a manager who works to achieve day-to-day targets, it’s frustrating to see an employee busy texting on a social network when they should be busy working. Don’t worry, a San Fransisco startup called Yondr made a pouch that attempts to stop smartphone addiction for employees, students and generally for everyone. One study found out […]

Banks Post Profits Despite Cash Shortages Faced By Customers: Here Is A List Of Banks That Made Profits

March is that time when most banks in Zimbabwe publish their financial results. Last year’s banking environment was affected by many negative factors including chronic cash shortages, illegal multi-tier pricing, foreign currency shortages, termination of some services that required foreign currency etc. In that light, it is understandable that one can expect bad performance for the […]

African Innovation To Meet Global Capital And Opportunity In London At The Africa Tech Summit

Image credit – This year will mark the 3rd edition of Africa Tech Summit London. The Africa Tech Summit is a convention aimed at bringing together great companies and initiatives across the continent in a bid to connect them with international ventures, investors, and entrepreneurs who are truly focused on business and investment in […]

Zimra System In Beitbridge Goes Down Again

Asycuda Plus, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority’s (ZIMRA) system designed to help it to automate customs processes on the importation and exportation of goods has gone down in Beitbridge in face of the coming Easter holiday. The system went down 4 days ago after Zimra alerted users that they were upgrading the system but Zimra is yet […]

Google Maps Adds 39 New Languages, Shona And Ndebele Miss Out

Google Maps, the web mapping service run by Google has expanded its language offerings to users with the addition of 39 languages. The service used by more than 1 billion people has added languages which Google claim that they are spoken by approximately 1.25 billion people worldwide. The new languages included African languages, Swahili, Afrikaans, […]

Powertel Expands To Kariba

Powertel, the state-owned internet access provider has introduced its services to Kariba. Apart from household services, Powertel is introducing corporate services that include virtual private network, business internet services, and carrier services. The Zesa Holdings subsidiary is known for leveraging on backward CDMA technology to provide internet access. Because of this, the company has been […]

Only 4% Of Adults In Zimbabwe Can ‘Copy And Paste’ Files: Worrying

This may come as surprise for many to know that as much as 96% of adults in Zimbabwe cannot ‘copy and paste’ files. In human-computer interaction, ‘copy and paste’ is used to transfer data from one area to another area. These worrying figures are according to the 2018 Global Education Monitoring Report Gender Review. This […]

Apple To Introduce New Emojis That Represent People With Disabilities

Apple users could soon have emojis that represent disabled people. The tech giant submitted a proposal to the Unicode Consortium which assesses requests for new emoji characters. The proposal includes a total of 13 categorized emojis which range from a prosthetic leg to a guide dog to a wheelchair. Apple mentioned that its motive is to […]

How To Download All The Information Facebook Has Of You

The ongoing scandal that Facebook is currently involved in has got many people concerned about their Facebook data. Facebook has since apologized for its negligence but however, some people want to know the information Facebook has about them so that perhaps they know they know how to use the platform better. What Facebook Knows First […]

Multichoice Introduces New Channels

Multichoice in collaboration with ROK Studios are launching 2 new channels ROK 2 and ROK 3 on DSTV and Gotv to widen their product range. The channels will be launched on the 5th of April and they will target fans of Nollywood, African music and Ghanaian movies and TV series.The collaboration between the two stretches […]

[Updated]: New Scams Involving Ecocash: Beware

Mobile money transfer is now the preferred medium to conduct transactions amid cash shortages. The benefits that are afforded by using mobile money transfers platforms are now being weighed against frauds and scams arising as a result of using these platforms. But the increase of fraud and scams in fintech is not limited to mobile […]

‘Swipe’ Users Lose $200 000 This Year Already Due To Debit Card Cloning

A report published last week by the Zimbabwe Republic Police of the rising cases of debit card cloning symbolizes one of the major risks of using the “plastic money”. Chief Superintended Paul Nyathi stated that from the beginning of the year to 15 March 2018, debit card holders had already lost $200 000 to the […]

Financial Inclusion Strategy For Marginalized Zimbabwean Muslims: Islamic Finance

In 2016 The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) introduced the Financial Inclusion Strategy with the obvious aim of drawing a marginalized number of people who are unbanked into the financial system. The Strategy is highlighted by an ambitious plan to increase the banking population from 30% at the time it was implemented to at least […]

Steward Bank Introduces New Products In A Drive To Improve Internet Banking

One of Zimbabwe’s youngest banks, Steward Bank has just introduced new products in a bid to become an innovative and leading player in the digital space. The bank is advancing its innovation momentum that is partly defined by the recent introduction of Kwenga. They had an exhibition today where they were showcasing their new products. […]

Netone Launches A New Version Of Mobile Insurance: Easy Cover

Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Netone has ventured into insurance through a strategic partnership with Champions Insurance that sees it introducing Easy Cover. The new product is aiming to cater for short-term mobile insurance needs of customers. Currently, Easy Cover product will insure customers on houses and legal representation from $1.50 in monthly instalments that are […]

Merchants Now Refusing To Allow “Swiping Into Ecocash”

The increased use of Ecocash in daily transactions has been a convenience to many Zimbabweans. More so, the introduction of “Swiping into Ecocash” service has enhanced the platform. Although the service has recently gained unpopular attention for operation failures of the system marked by making double debits from a single transaction, it has served as a […]

Potraz Finally Finishes Drafting Mobile Virtual Network Operators Rule Book

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has just completed crafting a draft rule book for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). An MVNO is a mobile telecoms company that uses the hard infrastructure of Mobile Network Operators, like Econet and Telecel to provide mobile phone network services to customers. The idea behind MVNOs […]

Facebook Loses $37 billion In Share Value As The Stock Market Reacts To A Data Sharing Scandal

Facebooks shares lost $37 billion as the market responds to the scandal the firm is involved in. The social network giant has ignited a political backlash and seemingly an economic backlash as well in US and UK following reports that it provided access of data on 50 million Facebook users to Cambridge Analytica, a political […]

Nedbank Plans To Fund The Private Sector Massively, Joins CBZ And CABS In Targeting SMEs

Following yesterday’s rebranding from MBCA, Nedbank Zimbabwe said they want to play a dominant role in financing the private sector. The bank alluded to the mantra “Zimbabwe is open for business” as a key influence for them to choose funnelling funds to the private sector. This initiative is going to be introduced in the same […]

Bitcoin’s Price Swings As Twitter Considers Banning Cryptocurrency Adverts

Bitcoin’s price plunged below $7000 and then rose up amid rumours that Twitter is following suit to Facebook and Google in banning cryptocurrency related advertisements. According to Sky News, this policy change could be enacted in two weeks time. Facebook was the first of these Sillicon Valley giants to take this step in January, followed by […]

CBZ And CABS Avail Loans Targeted At SMEs

CBZ Holdings has announced that it is arranging to increase loans to Small to Medium Enterprises(SMEs) to the tune of $10million so that it can propel the growth of this sector. CBZ is reported to have increased their SME business by 28%. CBZ is showing its commitment to SME’s by hosting this year’s SMEs Indaba […]