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Zimswitch announces partnership with Mastercard to “modernise national payments infrastructure”

Zimswitch today announced a partnership with Mastercard that they say will “enable the modernization of Zimbabwe’s payment infrastructure”. Whilst Zimswitch and Mastercard are yet to announce any joint products/services, there are hints as to what they will be working on. Zimswitch issued a press statement on the partnership and some of the things they highlighted […]

TelOne to launch vehicle tracking service

TelOne recently sent out invites for a media event they are hosting on Friday (aka tomorrow) and it alludes to TelOne’s entry into the Telematics space. To the uninitiated, Telematics is defined as “the joining of two sciences—telecommunications, a branch of technology including phone lines and cables, and informatics such as computer systems. The term […]

Win US$1K by composing a song for EcoCash

EcoCash is hosting a social media singing competition that will see the winner walk away with US$1000. The song will probably be used for marketing purposes as the entries that will be considered should be themed around living life the EcoCash way. So what do you do, if you want to participate? Follow these steps; […]

Liquid Telecom now offering Cybersecurity services to businesses

In their ongoing push to diversify their business model, Liquid Telecom has announced that they will now be selling cyber security services. Liquid Telecom’s Cyber Security unit will offer end-to-end managed services for digital security solutions. Liquid Telecom decision to fill this particular gap was reinforced after conducting a survey last month; IT decision makers […]

Here’s how to make a ZIPIT Smart transaction

ZimSwitch has just rolled out a pretty huge upgrade to the ZIPIT platform. Before the upgrade, ZIPIT had one use case really – Transferring funds. ZIPIT Smart changes this up and now allows consumers to make purchases using ZIPIT Smart (as it is now known). Whilst it wasn’t impossible for merchants to take ZIPIT payments […]

DStv to broadcast certain sports events for free?

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is reviewing regulations around the broadcasting of sports. There is an expectation that the review could lead to some changes for DStv. The review by ICASA is meant to regulate broadcasting of sporting events “in the public interest” and to promote wider reach of such events. The […]

ZANU-PF preparing to wage war on social media

ZANU-PF has announced they will be creating provincial social media teams. The duty of these teams according to a Chronicle report will be to “defend the party and government programs on social media.” This is a pretty interesting development and when you consider the party’s image online, it’s surprising ZANU-PF didn’t do this sooner. According […]

You can now buy ZESA tokens on credit using EcoCash

EcoCash recently made it possible to buy ZESA tokens on credit. By simpling dialling *179# you can access the new service. You can get ZESA tokens on credit valued at ZW$50 using the service and you’ll back at 26% interest. This means you’ll pay back ZW$63 bucks for your ZW$50 token. The interest seems a […]

Govt finally using drones to monitor border posts

Back in July, government officials announced that the Ministry of Finance had availed funds for the purchase of drones to patrol border the posts. The Ministry of Defence got ZW$100 million for the purchase of drones and the drones have finally been acquired. The drones will be patrolling the borders to help officials to clamp […]

ZIPIT upgrade in the works: This puts serious pressure on EcoCash

Zimswitch is working on an upgrade that will make using it similar to the mobile money wallets we use on a daily. ZIPIT Smart as it will be called is launching in the next few days and after getting early access, we think they are on to something big. What problem will ZIPIT Smart solve? […]

Econet said they weren’t suspending eLearning bundles. Schools are being told the opposite

Earlier this week we noted that there was some confusion surrounding the eLearning bundle. A school authority we spoke to mentioned that an Econet employee who was handling their purchase of the bundles informed them that the eLearning bundle was being suspended. We reached out to Econet PR to understand if this was official and […]

Chin’ono & Ngarivhume banned from social media after getting bail

Yesterday, prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume who had been arrested on the 20th of July were finally granted bail. Apart from the $10 000 & $ 50 000 bail, instructions to report to the police 2-3 a week respectively, and surrendering their passports, the two were also banned from using social media. Yuhp, […]

Fresh in a Box caves into customers demand. Finally releases app

One of the most recognisable local eCommerce brands, Fresh in a Box now has a mobile application. Interestingly, the Founder of Fresh in a Box Kuda Musasiwa has always been vocal about not having an app so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the startup now had an app. I reached out to Kuda […]

African startup launches recruitment platform for data scientists

Ever heard of Zindi? If not, it’s a platform that connects data scientists to companies/individuals that need their problems solved using data science. The same startup is launching a recruitment platform to help organisations find data science talent. Zindi will rely on it’s own network of over 18 000 data scientists globally to match companies […]

Victoria Falls Stock Exchange gets licenced – ZSE says its coming soon

We’ve been following the story of the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX) with a keen eye, and the most recent update is that VFEX is now licenced by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ). The Victoria Falls Stock Exchange Limited (“VFEX”) is pleased to advise stakeholders that it has been granted a license […]

NMB launches new and improved internet banking

NMB is phasing out their old internet banking platform – NMBDirect. NMB Direct is being replaced by a more feature-rich system called NMBConnect. So what was wrong with NMB Direct? Well the interface wasn’t so great. It looked old and clunky and it wasn’t something that one would enjoy using and a number of features […]

Digital Marketing School in Zimbabwe gets accreditation from UK organisation

Afrodigital, a local digital marketing school has received accreditation from CPD (Continuing Professional Development). The CPD accreditation adds a layer of recognition to Afrodigital’s Pan-Degree in Digital Marketing. We got in touch with Afrodigital’s Founder Trust Nhokovedzo (has over 12 years of experience in training and implementing digital marketing in the UK, US, Switzerland, South […]

DStv’s bundling with Netflix being investigated by SA Competition Commission

In June, Multichoice announced that they had reached agreements with Netflix and Amazon Prime to offer a bundled service. Strangely, when DStv announced two new sets of decoders that will offer streaming capabilities, not a word was said about Netflix or Prime. Why was that the case? Well, it’s simple really – SA’s Competition Commission […]

POTRAZ increases voice & data tariffs, they say operators costs increased by 219%

POTRAZ recently published a regulatory circular on tariff adjustments for mobile network operators (MNOs). In the circular, they explain that the pricing of tariffs would be increasing to better reflect the increase that telecoms company have incurred for most of the year. POTRAZ says the pricing model for bundles, voice and SMS that was being […]

Is Econet discontinuing eLearning bundles on the 1st of September?

We have it on good authority that Econet might stop offering eLearning bundles from the beginning of September. The cheaper bundles were extremely useful to schools who were able to buy cheaper data for students to conduct lessons online during the pandemic. What’s the official position? Well, we reached out to Econet representatives to get […]

Beware! Scammers promising to upgrade daily EcoCash account limits

The RBZ recently placed stricter regulations on mobile money service providers. You may have heard that you can no longer transact over ZW$5000 daily. Interestingly, we came across a WhatsApp message that we believe is a scam. It claims that you can actually upgrade your EcoCash account and once you have done so you’ll be […]

RBZ says sandbox connecting Fintechs to banks going live later this year

Last year, RBZ made an announcement that gave local Fintech’s something to look forward to. The formation of a National Fintech Steering Committee (NFSC). This committee would seek to “provide strategic policy direction in the Fintech space”. [Crickets] The announcement of the NFSC wasn’t followed up by updates for a while. The next update we […]

Cyber Bill now priority as Govt looks to “deal with those spreading falsehoods”

A few days ago, the Minister of Justice Ziyambi Ziyambi told the Daily News that the government was prioritising the Cyber Crime Bill. In fact, parliament hopes to “cover a lot of ground on it” this week. It’s normally a good thing when legislators prioritise bills that govern the digital space. In our case, there […]

Mobile games you should try out this month

Those of you who know me personally, know I’m BIG on gaming. I’m a console gamer first before anything else. Recent;y, I’ve been trying my hand at mobile games to see what’s on offer and to be honest, mobile games are surprisingly good! Over the month of August, I played give or take 15 Android […]

OneMoney follows EcoCash and effects ZW$5000 daily transaction limit

Many people were wondering if OneMoney and Telecash would all be subjected to the same regulations that were recently put into effect by EcoCash. Well, OneMoney is the second mobile money operator to effect the ZW$5000/daily transaction limit. NetOne subscribers received the message below this morning; Dear Customer. Following a RBZ directive, OneMoney transactions are […]

Liquid Telecom gets poor credit rating from firm – Zim currency issues largely to blame

Moody’s -a risk assessment firm- recently affirmed Liquid Telecoms B1 Corporate family rating (CFR) to honour it’s obligations on a US$730 million senior secured notes offering. Ok, what does any of that even mean? Senior secured notes are basically bonds – but they take precedence over other debts in the event that a company declares […]

EcoBank opens up APIs to African businesses and developers

After a pilot earlier this year, EcoBank’s Pan-African Banking Sandbox is now accessible to Africa’s fintech community. The Sandbox allows Fintechs to access Ecobank’s Application Programming Interface (APIs) for the development of solutions. What will innovators be able to do? The sandbox is available on request and once granted access you’ll be connected to Ecobank’s Unified […]

UNICEF Zim announces initiative to increase connectivity in local schools

UNICEF Zimbabwe and GIGA are partnering to improve internet connectivity within Zimbabwean schools. The right to education is fundamental for #ForEverychild. Through an exciting new initiative – GIGA, Zimbabwe will greatly improve the connectivity and access to education for the most disadvantaged youth. Learn more👉: — UNICEF ZIMBABWE (@UNICEFZIMBABWE) August 27, 2020 Giga […]

DStv plans to partner with internet providers once Xplora Ultra is released

DStv is launching new hardware. That much we’ve known for a while now and we wrote about the 2 (Xplora Ultra & Streama) new decoders here. There were questions regarding how the decoders would go online. Multichoice has revealed some details regarding how they plan on doing it (in South Africa). One of the questions […]

ZOL closes Harare shopafter staff members test positive for COVID-19

ZOL has announced that it will be indefinitely closing down branches in Harare after staffers tested positive for COVID-19. The internet service provider explained the situation via their Twitter account. Read the statement below: We regret to announce that some of our staff members tested positive to COVID-19 and are now quarantined. Strict measures around […]