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Telecoms subscribers as guinea pigs – exiting the infinite loop

Subscribers have played a major role in the establishment of mobile voice and data service in the last decade, through the experiments of all the existing mobile operators, subscribers have been made to pay for services that most of the time did not offer them good service. Subscribers involuntarily became guinea pigs for the mobile operators. New services continue to be launched where the subscriber takes both the position of a guinea pig and a client bringing money into the business.

Mobile data services: Challenges and opportunities

As I take a look at the local mobile application emerging market and use of cell phones, I will start by warning our mobile operators that their business can be easily shrunk by highlighting the threat in Bill Gates and Craig Mundie statements. “PC is the phone and phone is the PC.”and “People in those rural environments are already buying computers. They happen to call them cell phones.”

IT BEGINS WITH YOU: Positioning ICT Departments As A Valuable Strategic Asset.

The issue of aligning ICTs and business processes and goals has been the subject of many discussions and debates. I felt the need to relate the issue to our own Zimbabwean situation as we are equally or in a worse position than those that are making the loudest debates.

It is not clear to me whether ICT failures are government policy related, limited resources, ICT management failures or corporate failures. In Zimbabwe, some recent notable ICT failures are in the electricity billing system, voters roll, and health records system. Apparently some of these national projects were feasible but complete failure to deliver on time at reasonable cost on most of the recent national projects is a major concern.