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NetOne Airtime

(41 customer reviews)

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You have money in EcoCash and you want to buy NetOne airtime?

Simply enter the NetOne number to recharge,

Select the amount of airtime you want,

Enter your EcoCash number and click “Buy,”

Check your EcoCash phone to confirm the transaction by entering your PIN

The airtime is sent directly to the phone you are recharging. Remember it doesn’t matter even when your EcoCash SIM is in a feature phone (kambudzi).

To buy OneFusion

Most people are really looking to buy OneFusion using EcoCash. Currently you can’t do so directly but don’t despair, you can still get your OneFusion via Techzim. Follow these steps:

  1. Buy the NetOne airtime by following the steps above
  2. Once you receive the airtime, convert it to OneFusion by dialing *400# on your NetOne phone.
  3. Enjoy OneFusion!




Additional information

Airtime Amount

one cent, ten cents, fifty cents, one dollar, two dollars, five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars

41 reviews for NetOne Airtime

  1. Mark Salle (verified owner)

    Well done Tech Zim/ Hot Recharge.
    This is a very useful tool and it is a great convenience now being able to buy NetOne airtime via Ecocash. Thank you!

  2. Lister mubonderi

    Good job techzim

  3. Tino

    Great Initiative!

  4. fwadawafa

    this is good techzim kip it up ….u must have it as an application for easy access

  5. Simba Chigodo (verified owner)

    I give the service 4/5 – well done. However, I do suggest that the order details sent on email should include more relevant details eg: after buying airtime – the Techzim confirmation email does not show the airtime recipient mobile number.

  6. levias (verified owner)

    thank you techzim for hot recharge it helps in times of distances when it comes to buying airtime

  7. kelvin

    i would like to give this a thumbs up , i was talking to someone who had a netone line and her bundles expired and was offline and this was the best solution for me to restore my connection with her , thanks tech zim

  8. HerMa (verified owner)

    Great, for convenience now add specific products, say for example under the category “Netone airtime” include products like the One Fusion.

  9. onward (verified owner)

    thanks you make my life to be easy

  10. n

    oh no, no more discounts

    but still its the best thanks techzim

  11. james musa (verified owner)

    It s good and convenient

  12. Levias (verified owner)

    This is now an easy way and fast to buy airtime you should put a competition for more ppl to buy and they should be an app for techzim that we should download

  13. Prosper Ngodo

    Effective easy and reliable

  14. Plizmore Muchuva (verified owner)

    Very useful initiative. Very handy and good. However, it appears it’s not user-friendly on palm-tops (handsets) yet very good on laptops and desktops.

  15. Andrew Mugwanda

    I wil not rate it. After lossing my money trying to buy Netone airtime using Ecocash. My Ecocash account was debited but i did not get my airtime. Kava kepiri zvichiitika. I tried to get in touch with u bt hamupindure. Handizive kuti ndoita sei

  16. adrian

    bought airtime but did not show up in my phone

  17. adrian

    bought airtime but did not show up in my phone. l brought net one airtime using my ecocash and no top up was done. reply please

  18. Anonymous

    Ko out of stock yakubvepi zvekare????????

  19. Godfrey Mwedzi

    Bought my airtime this morning and didn’t receive it…how can this be fixed?

  20. Joy (verified owner)

    We can’t buy airtime iri less than a dollar anymore. But why? Otherwise this is good service keep it up.

  21. Tao

    Thank techzim for making it convenient to recharge our netone. May you make it an application for easy of accessibility

  22. Trill

    Shout out to you ….. amazingly convenient

  23. Ison Ndoro

    I bought $2 worth of airtime but it was not credited to my net one account. Are u guys stealing from us now?

  24. Cyprian

    This is good and convenient thank you techzim, we now need an application…keep up the good work

  25. Sytaz


  26. Calvin Martmatt

    Thank you guys. This is very convenient despite the confirmation not showing the recipient number for reference purposes. It will also be best if we get an App for easy access

  27. eman

    i hvnt received atym aftr going through your process are you now robbing us

  28. Ghost

    It’s a good thing at least I can now receive airtime at the comfort of my home.

  29. Tyndoe


  30. Isaac Tafira (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient. Thanks techzim.

  31. Winston

    Netone airtime out of stock till when

  32. Tee gee

    Keep the starndard up …. techzim this is what we love here in zim. Thanks.

  33. terry

    great innovation

  34. Joy (verified owner)

    I bought $2 airtime, but i didn’t receive it to my netone line. But taken from my ecocash number just like that I lost $2 this isn’t right.

  35. Amandlengosi Mapfumo

    I bought netone airtime of $1.50 but didn’t receive it on my netone line but the money was taken away from my ecocash account

  36. Stanford Hunzvi

    I bought airtime worth $5 but l still havent received the airtime. This is so frustrating

  37. Jabulani

    Where is the airtime

  38. Lee Kay

    I bought $2 airtime & it was deducted from my account but I didn’t receive the airtime. Please help

  39. Calvin Martmatt

    Out of stock?

  40. Advocate

    Guys this service robbed me my money I don’t know why I use the it in the first place. If you want a convenient way to buy go for top up pay now. This one sucks😔😔

  41. Shingirai

    Litty service guys, keep up the good work!?

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