Some Web & Mobile App Developers in Zimbabwe

We’re often contacted by people looking for developers. Below is a list of some developers in Zimbabwe that we who chose to list here. It’s by no means a definitive list of developers in Zimbabwe. If you are a developer in Zimbabwe, here is the form for you to fill if you’d like to be added to the list.

Disclaimer: Please note that these developers work independent of Techzim. Techzim does not endorse the developers below and we have no commercial relationship with them whatsoever. The listing is only provided as a service for our community. If you do go ahead and engage a developer listed here, you do so at your own risk.

NameCitySkillsExperiencePortfolio ProjectsGitHubStack OverflowAvailabilityContacts
Eliazer ChikadziHarareWeb Development, WordPress, Mobile Apps (Ionic, Cordova, Angular JS), SMS technologies & solutionsMobile: +263 773 988955
Skype: earlcee7
Pamela SillahHarareWeb Development, Android Application DevelopmentJunior Developer at +263 772 722 145
NetVISIONSHarareWebsites6+ yearsImmediateMobile: +263774782468
PNRHOSTHarareWebsites, Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Desktop applications5 years 0778329242
Ronald MaravanyikaHararePython, Django, Kivy, Pygames, Web applications, I.O.T systems, Downtime capturing applications and cross platformed apps1) Developed a downtime capturing application for a production line of a manufacturing company.
2) Developed a arduino and python interaction to capture and plot temperature and electrical current in realtime
3) automatic handwashing machine
4) Image processor to compare thermograms 0777 793 259
iCode ConsultancyHarareWeb, Desktop and Mobile ApplicationsAdvanced developers with expertise in building web applications, desktop and mobile applicationsAvailableEmail:
HabeLiteBulawayoAndroid and IOS(ipad and iphone) app development , Web application using PHP, HTML, AJAX,JQUERY, JAVA and other web development suite.CMS using wordpress and JOOMLA8 Years experiencehabelite.comAvailableMobile: 0783858604
Farai MugaviriKwekweC++, Java, PHP, WordPress and Web DevelopmentA moderate desktop and web developer in C++, Java and PHP 0774308359
Fisher Mavaza (TeleTech pvt(ltd))Harare & MaronderaWebsites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, E-learning Systems.6 years of Development Websites, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, E-learning CoursesReadily availableMobile: 0735722477
Innovation and Research NetworkHarareDatabase, Softwares, Apps, Games, Security Platforms, POSExpertPOS, EFT, GAMES, AppsAlways AvailableMobile: 0772852724
Donsoth DynamicsChitungwizaAndroid applications, php websites, python scripts, data analyticsInformation Systems Audit, Information securityZimura apps2 hours a day from 8 pmMobile: 0777222962
Chawanda NyashaHarareWeb designing Developed 3 websites for companies using phpWebsitesAvailable through online interactionsMobile: 0773341535
Integral-Edge Systems DesignHarareEnterprise Information Systems.
Geographic Information Systems & Location Intelligence.
Business Management Solutions.
Data & Knowledge Management Solutions.
Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
Microsoft Certified System Engineer.
ESRI Enterprise Developer.
The Zimbabwe Rural WASH Information System.
UrbanWorks Municipal Geographic Information System.
Electrical Utility Management Geographic Information System (ZESA).
MinerConnect Online Services Platform.
PetroTrade Coupons Management System.
TelOne AutoServe Billing Distribution System.
Lesotho National Agriculture Geographic Information System.
Lesotho National Water Resources Information Management System.
OpenMobile: +263772235931, +263714290213
Gracious MashashaHarareMobile, Desktop and Web Apps10+ years web app development experience
7+ years desktop app development experience
3+ years mobile app development experience availableMobile: +263 779 302 259
Bruce KanyeraHarareWebsites, WordPress, Joomla, HTML,,,,,, zimlawnet.comAvailableMobile: +2637735465137
Tapiwanashe KandaBulawayoWeb development3yrs experience in web development, 2nd year student at National university of science and technology(NUST) websiteWorking days all yearMobile: 0785 924 976
LEON APPLICATIONS (PVT) LTDGWERUWebsites, Web Apps, Android Applications6 years experience 5 hours a day (Monday - Friday)Mobile: +263771716528,
Felix MasomeraHarareWeb Development, Software Development, Graphic Design, Multimedia DesignBsc Hons IT (CUT) , Worked at Zimtreasury( Ministry of Finance And Economic Development)

A point of sale system in Java
Available to work 6 days a week Mobile: 0733013512, 0771183708;
Admire Masaga Websites from static, dynamic, web based database systems, mobile applications 5 years Mobile: +263773384458,
Takunda MunozogaraBulawayoMobile applications, web applications, Java, c#, c++, .Net, PHP, XMLIntermediate2 hours per day Mobile: +263 719 114 525,
NyashaHarareFull-stack Javascript Web Development (Angular, React, Nodejs) 0772967776,
Pilate ChinyengetereHarareHTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress2 yearsAvailableMobile: +263736336156,
Allen BonasHarareWebsites,Web applications ,desktop applications and mobile apps
Intermediate developer,, BonasHarareMobile: 0774389854,
GoldHostKaroiWebsites & Web available Mobile: +263773646901,
AppDev (Pvt) LtdHarareUI/UX Design, iOS development for (iPhone, iWatch and iPad), Android (Mobile phones, Android TV and Android Wear), Dynamic and Interactive INternet Applications including (Web, AIR, Shockwave Flash and Java). Skills set (C#, C++, Python, CFML, PHP, HTML, AJAX,JQuery and Java). Websites with OPen Source CMS (WordPress and Joomla). Robotics, Embedded and Intergrated systems that use Artficial Intelligence (bots, IoT)10 Years in the Graphic Design, ICT - 17:00Mobile: +263 772 128 622,
Dzinaishe MpiniGweruWeb applications with PHP, JavaScript, ASP.Net, HTML and CSS
.Net applications with C# and VB.Net
3 years experiencesee portfolio area on 0774756502,
MunapoMutarePython, C++, PHP, javascript(jQuery), Web developer2 yearsjmunapo AvailableMobile: +263775696233,
Samuel KawelengaHarareMobile applications, web applications, Java, c#, c++, .Net, PHP, XML,Android and IOS(ipad and iphone) app development , Web application using PHP, HTML, AJAX,JQUERY, JAVA and other web development suite.CMS using wordpress and JOOMLAimmediateMobile:
WillardHarareWebdesign, Webdevelopment, All popular CMSs, ECOMMERCE, SEO, http://www.,,
Tinashe Zulu

HarareMobile Applications windows and Android, Websites and Desktop applications

5 years experience in database design with mysql and MS SQL server
Java spring core, spring boot design and development
PHP and mysql
C# application development
Linux server configuration and management
Rabbit MQ
Emmanuel MhetuMasvingoWebsites,mobile applications, data capturing systems,softwares,graphics designl started web development in hourMobile:
uHostAfricaHarareHTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Web hosting, Joomla, Custom websites, 5 + years Available Mobile:
+26308644 926 000
Malcolm Shingirai MutambanengweNortonAndroid Apps, JavaBeginner seeking experienceNothing as yetavailable Mobile:
Sipho NdhlovuMazoweHTML, CSS, JavaScript Intermediate Part TimeMobile:
Manyenyere JustinHarareMobile applications, web applications, , PHP, node,ionic , realtime enterprise systems, neural networks (language processing) ,i.o.t, Full StackDigital Developer Newsday/Amh , Cyberplex-africa Developer on requestMobile:
NinchitechHarareSoftware Development (Desktop Applications and Mobile Apps), Website Development, Networking, Consultancy ,Hardware Repairs & Maintenance, Data RecoveryExpertSchool Management System, Library Management System, Websites, Android App, Networking SolutionsAvailable 24/7 AssistanceMobile:
+263 772 633 028 / +263 773 123 929
Chris PahlaHarareWebsites mainly using CMS4 years
+263 772304253
NiBytesHarareWebsites and Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, Kindle)Experienced and tested staff including software engineers, graphic designers,seo specialists. Various mobile Apps these are available on request due to NDA with clients. This depends on project schedules. Clients will be informed when we're engaged.Mobile:
Huggins MafiguHarareDesktops Applications and Web Applications (C++,, Java, JavaFx, MySQL, C#, JavaScript and PHP )IntermediateOctopusHR, BPmonitor Available Mobile: +263782326160
Bakani PilimeBulawayoFull Stack(ish) Web Developer.

Mobile Web Applications, Progressive Web Applications, Mobile Applications Using Ionic, Ionic2, Desktop Applications Development using Electron.

Backend Development in NodeJs (Express & Hapi) & PHP using MySQL & MongoDB for Databases, Redis & MemCached for caching.

Frontend Development using AngularJs, Angular2 & VueJs .

Microservices & Serverless Fanatic, RESTafarian by default (not understanding the fascination around GraphQL)

Still figuring out DevOps. Version control & deploying with git.
4 Years Developing for the Web, Computer Science Degree (NUST), Lead Developer at The Devshop. (*) - Messaging As A Service Startup

Foodie (Mobile App + API) @ The Devshop - Meal Delivery Service

NeedEnergy (Mobile App(s) + API(s)) @ The Devshop - On-Demand Gas Delivery App

HelloSbu - Digital Personal Assistant for the visually impaired. Very High if the project is exciting.

Mobile: +263773454381,,
Urgent Chisedzi Chiredzi Databases, Web driven databases, Android Apps and Web sites - using HTML PHPMyAdmin & MYSQLI, MS Access, Outsystems and Android studioIntermediateOrganisational Web driven databases and AppsAvailableMobile:
K. Murungu (Vision360)

HarareAndroid Mobile Applications
Websites and Content Management Systems
Online Stores
Desktop Applications
POS systems
5pm - 10pm Mon - Fri, 8am - 1pm SatCall/App:
+263 735 114628
+263 782 338583
Bethel GokaHarareCorporate sites, e-commerce websites, news sites, social networks, bots.Over 8 years experience in web development as well as digital
+263 778 067 082,
Darlington MuzariBulawayoDynamic Web Applications, Analytics, Databases, Mobile Applications and USSD Applications, APIsSolid experience in HTML, CSS, JQUERY, Java, Javascript, PHP, MYSQLUSSD applications, APIs, Web ApplicationsAvailable on part-time basis Mobile:
Blue Design AgencyBulawayoMobile, desktop and Web applications7 years See 9-5Mobile:
+263 712146352,
BangsoftHarareJava Enterprise Web Application Development9+ years developing Enterprise Systems in JavaMobile Banking, Mobile Money, Internet Banking, Bulk Payments, Token Vending Systems, VAS, Financial Services, Systems IntegrationAvailableMobile: +263 77 591 2299,
MNM IT SolutionsBulawayoweb development, html, wordpress, joomla, elearning4th year Business Management & Information Technology Student at The Catholic University in Zimbabwe
everyday after 4pmMobile: +263772630387
Ndeipi DigitalHarareAndroid, iOS, Web, Hybrid Apps, Websites, PHP Custom DevelopmentBuilt Several Apps for Android including the Famous Ndeipi Messenger, Chihuta Bird Game
24/7Mobile: +27621580032 /
Tamuka James ChinzvendeHarareWebsites10+ Completed Projects +263773 021 680

Zimbotech I.T SolutionsHarareWebsites, Mobile Apps, CRM Systems, ERP Systems, HRM Systems 0774 129 230
Ephraim MadondoHarareMobile Apps(apk, ipa, xap),
Desktop Apps(Windows, Linux, IOS),
Wordpress Plugins,
Django Websites,
AngularJS and ReactJS Webapps,
Javafx Desktop Apps,
C++ Qt Apps,
Embedded Database Offline Systems(SQLite,Apache Derby),
Machine Learning, Intelligent Apps and Boats.[Ref: Admire 077 111 7777]
University of Zimbabwe Information and Support Center[Ref: Dr Hapanyengwi 071 260 9277]
University of Zimbabwe Parking[Ref: R Mushonga ]
DreamTutor offline e-learning software[Ref: Munyaradzi 0777340751] AvailableMobile: 0778680455
Blue Design AgencyBulawayoWeb Development, App Development, Online Marketing & IT Security5+,,,,, e.t.cAvailableMobile: 0712146352
Terrence MakombeMutareWebsites, Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Desktop applications
6 years , , , and many more....
Always AvailableMobile: +263778713672,
Edwin.H Graphics BulawayoCorporate sites, e-commerce websites, news sites, social networks, Content Management Systems (Drupal & Wordpress), Graphics Design (Ilustrator, Indesign & Photoshop), PhotographyOver 10 years
Please ContactMobile: 0778603090,
Tinosoft PBCHarareMobile Apps, Web Apps & Websites
5 years
Kudakwashe Inc.HarareResponsive Websites, WordPress, eCommerce, PHP6+ years developing websites
Cell: +263774111256;
Skype: trixxmanaty;
Nobytechy ComputersGweruWeb-Development,Java,Front-end development,Wordpress,SQL developer 0716605802,