Econet files for $3.1 billion damages against Bharti Airtel in Nigeria

A Reuters report today says South African based Econet Wireless has filed a law suit against Bharti Airtel for at least US $3.1 billion in damages. Econet has made the move for restitution following it’s victory in the court case where Bharti Airtel’s ownership of Airtel Nigeria was declared null and void three weeks ago.

You can read the full Reuters report here.




  1. Mukanya

    After reading the issues surrounding this case I can only say I’m impressed by Masiyiwa and his team at Econet for fighting this out. This is an important development for African business as a whole.  The rights of shareholders indeed are sacrosant and contracts should be enforceable. Very inspiring and excellent work by Econet

  2. Hothouse_guy

    its not econet’s  fault….this jus a true reflection of how the business world is corrupt….its straight guys vs the corrupt bunch! they know ther rights and they exercise big Strive would say “I would rather loose knowing God was with me than win knowing he wasnt….Inspiration knows no boundaries!


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