Mobile transactions: the way to go.

So I received a text from my bank, telling me how I could buy ZESA tokens using their USSD code.  Wait, that’s not the catch because obviously you already know that. What interests me is the fact that 10 or so years back, who ever thought we’d be doing so much on our mobile devices? […]
Social Media

Content creators can now stream 4K and 360-degree videos on Facebook

Facebook recently announced that creatives can now produce 4K resolution and 360-degree videos on their live streaming platform. The update will also allow people to view live-streamed content in those high resolutions from Facebook. The social media app aims to be a one stop platform for the consumption of the next-generation of content. Hence they […]

Do small things matter?

I read quite a number of books (that’s a bit misleading but let’s just go with it) and of late I have been reading a book by Jeff Olson called the slight edge. I’ve learnt a few things that I think would be useful for y’all to know about, especially those who are into building […]

Why are men buying more than women online?

So at the Broadband Economy conference, some interesting facts were brought up. The one that grabbed the most attention was the fact that according to Hammer & Tongues online shopping analytics, in Zimbabwe more men shop online than women. This is some serious deviation from the expected. The norm is women are inclined to shop more […]
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Hardware & Software

Microsoft Paint is not dying, it’s just getting a new home

Image credit: Microsoft Blog  Today, Microsoft released a post that showed the features that will be removed in the upcoming Autumn Windows Creators update. Among the list were Microsoft Paint and many people that the app was going to be killed off from Windows. Since their initial post, they have since responded to the outcry from […]

Living a Hack Proof Life: The Lion and Zinc

There is a predator lurking in the grass. Can you spot it? Every time I hear a story of a hacked website or a malware ripping computers apart I look around with pity. Thousands fall by my side and I remain standing; unscathed. This is not by chance. I have spent the past 12 years […]

The book with Facebook posts by Strive Masiyiwa starts circulating again

You might have noticed that during the past couple of weeks, a book titled “How to Build A Multi-Billion Dollars Business: Breaking Through Africa Challenging Economies” started circulating on social media especially WhatsApp. The book claims to have been authored by Strive Masiyiwa but he denied it in August 2016 when the book originally surfaced. […]

A smartphone for gamers may be in the making

According to a report from Bloomberg Technology, Razer is planning to develop a mobile device aimed at hardcore gamers. Razer is a company which is well known among gamers for making computer hardware tailored for gaming. The company recently acquired a smartphone manufacturing company called Nextbit and intends to use it for the development of […]
Gadgets & Apps

New game in town: Babu

Zim devs have been quite busy in the game development spaces and also I might as well mention how interesting it is to discover the things that inspire these games. From crazy games such as the Chihuta video game, Olinda’s revenge now we have Babu – yep, go ahead and read it in Shona. Well, […]

Bundles, Zero-rating and Net Neutrality in Zimbabwe’s #BroadbandEconomy. A critical issue unprioritised

One of the key issues discussed at Techzim’s just ended Broadband Economy Conference was that of Bundles for third party sites & apps, Zero rating and net neutrality. After a net neutrality discussion at previous Broadband Economy Conference had established that the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, didn’t consider net neutrality a critical issue, we decided this […]

Liquid Telecom does more than fibre and connectivity today

Who said being a techie meant you can’t relate with human feelings??? Liquid Telecom, a data, voice and IP provider in eastern, central and southern Africa did not only supply fibre optic, satellite and international carrier services today, but rather ventured into a different field altogether – wheelchairs. Well, maybe wheelchair is the proper term […]
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Gadgets & Apps

Conversion of everything. Yes please!

The struggle is real out there, or at least it’s been real for me in the world of file conversions. So I would get my YouTube videos in a format that would be cool to play on my laptop but just play the audio only or the video only or refuse totally on my phone. […]