Econet says credit sales on devices has only been suspended

Econet sent a response on the credit sales issue, pointing out that the facility has only been suspended and not killed off completely. In its communication, Econet also confirmed that the options that are left for individuals are cash or the lay bye scheme. ...

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How to run your own URL shortening service

URL shortening is the practice of shortening URLs (often known colloquially as web addresses). This is often achieved by taking a very long URL for and shortening it using a redirect domain, for example


Some just lie: Remember this when you check for a local domain’s availability

You might have read already that the ZISPA website is down. ZISPA is the custodian of Zimbabwe’s domains and until recently when registrars started to offer it, their website was the only platform you could check a domain’s availability on. Now, registrars such as Webdev, Webnames, and Name now offer domain availability checking. The ZISPA website going […]


A new domain registration startup, GetDomains, eyes the market

The market for domain registration has however been growing and ZISPA hasn't been the only player in that field. In fact, part of its shortcomings have actually inspired new entrants over the past few years. Providers like and have entered the fray, providing assistance to people frustrated with delays in verifying domain availability and multiple registrations.


When doubt comes

When it comes to startups much has been written about faith, perseverance, endurance, success, joy and all the roller coaster of emotions that often comes with running your own startup business. Little, however, has been written about doubt. It is a subject that both those who have failed and succeeded choose to eschew like a plague.


ZISPA website taken down as association readies launch of new platform

According to Ndlovu, since December 2015, they have been working on an improved platform with a revamped user interface and better user experience. The new ZISPA site is expected to be ready in early February and the ZISPA team is hoping that it can deliver convenience that matches the changes in the way people access domain registration services.