22 hours ago

Mobile money legislative void: regulators like the NPS must do more

The sentiments from the recent Mobile Payments conference are that there is no awareness or adequate legislation in mobile money on the part of all the authorities involved. Even though most of them indicated that there are discussions, the delay will result in the exploitation of and burdening of users at the bottom of the “food chain” due to ignorance.

2 days ago

Software solutions company, Afrosoft, opens up its technology to startups

Afrosoft Holdings, a local tech solutions company with a strong footprint in enterprise is opening up its technology stack to local startups. This means that tech startups that are developing solutions which need to plug into enterprise-related services like mobile money payment platforms, financial services or third-party VAS solutions can use the infrastructure that Afrosoft has set up already.


Death of Wabona gives glimpse of jungle called the African VOD market

The news that Wabona, an African content Video On Demand service shut down was a low moment for African tech and media startups. a number of aspects related to their model have stood out as weaknesses for a while now. Theirs represent most of the challenges in setting up a Pan-African VOD service. However, in the lessons, there are some opportunities that could also emerge for Wabona or other VOD services.

25 Jul 2015

Econet powered e-commerce platform,, to launch in a few days

In a few days, mobile operator Econet Wireless is going live with the online classifieds platform We were invited to the press launch which is slated for Monday 27 July. will operate with free advertising for anything posted on the platform, along with free browsing for Econet broadband subscribers.

24 Jul 2015

MultiChoice makes call for Zimbabwean Music videos

Zambezi Magic, the MNet Channel launched recently to act as the go-to spot for Southern African content, is looking for Zimbabwean music videos. This is the latest invitation for Zimbabwean content that started some months ago with calls for Zimbabwean shows and movies. MultiChoice, through channels like Zambezi Magic, wants to tap into the talent pools of countries like Zimbabwe that haven’t had a huge representation on DStv

24 Jul 2015

Introducing Sponsored Articles. Our editorial responsibility stays intact

You probably noticed that, since last week, on the left sidebar of this website is a new section called Sponsored Articles. This articles are clearly labelled “Sponsored” so that you’re very clear that this is not regular Techzim content. To ensure there’s no confusion, such stories will not appear in our regular news feed which is reserved for our traditional content.

24 Jul 2015

Want to verify the sender of that e-mail? Here’s how to set up DKIM signing on your server

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), makes use of a pair of private and public keys to electronically sign mail. Any server implementing DKIM can, therefore, verify that the email came from the origin that it purports to come from.In this article, we look at how you can configure your email server to sign your outgoing emails using DKIM.