Announcing Techzim Events 2017…

In a not so distant past Techzim hosted a number of events. From the Broadband Forum to the Digital Future. Not forgetting the well received Startup Challenge, that was hosted for 4 consecutive years. We believe that the efforts we put into it are still lingering as a number of startups who won in the competition are […]


Ecocash launches ‘Ecocash Home Wallet’ in UK

Techzim was recently alerted to the launch of Ecocash’s Home Wallet, a service that essentially allows those in the diaspora to access and enjoy local Ecocash services, acting as if they are here in Zimbabwe. Their announcement states that those in the UK would be able to register for the service on the Cassava Remit website, the remittances […]


Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) in Zimbabwe: Dispelling the myths

There have been a number of publications in the local media, quoting comments from various ‘experts’, and citing developments elsewhere, using these to cast aspersions on the use of biometrics in the upcoming Zimbabwe elections.  Examples of these publications are “Red Flag over Biometric Registration” (The Herald, 11 March 20017), “France’s Cancellation of e-voting: Eye-opener […]

Gadgets & Apps

Introducing Deals Friday

Fridays were not meant to be ordinary yet here on Techzim they have been almost just that. Not anymore. Starting this Friday, we now feature a unique deal every Friday. How does that work? We will feature one gadget (well does not need to be a gadget every time). We will look around for as […]

Mobile Money & eCommerce

CABS revises DStv payment limits. Other ways to pay DStv

Another financial institution in Zimbabwe has revised their conditions for DStv payments, effectively limiting them. CABS, the largest building society in the country, announced this month that it would no longer allow non-account holders to make DStv payments through it. They also announced that their customers will only be able to make a single payment […]


It’s An Open Day At Moto Republik #SaveMotoRepublik

Today is exactly a week since the City of Harare visited Moto Republik. Much has gone on since then, with a petition being signed and handed to the Minister as well as. The guys at Moto Republik have made today an ‘open day’, opening their space to anyone and everyone (well except, City of Harare I […]


Why I didn’t enjoy university

On the first day of university my fellow freshmen were excited and anxious. I wasn’t. Some were excited because being in university was an achievement. It wasn’t for me. Some were excited because they would be getting a university degree. I didn’t care. Some were excited because they could now breathe in freedom away from home. […]


ACE curriculum introduced at local preschool

There has been much talk about educational curricula recently. Whether or not you agree with Lazarus Dokora on the contents or the implementation of the curriculum change in Zimbabwe’s public school system, there’s one great thing to take out of the whole drama. Zimbabweans have been forced to take a closer look at how and […]


3 Things Banks Can Do Better For Their Customers…

I’m not too sure whether I’m the only one, but at one stage I had an account with almost every bank. Yes, every bank. This was a follow through from the rough years of 2007-2009, where one had to be able to be “connected” in order to receive their  payments instantly. Recently, the need for […]


We’re not licensed for Satellite TV in Zimbabwe, says StarTimes

Last week, a local company called StarSat told us that they were representing StarTimes in Zimbabwe and that they had secured a license to broadcast via satellite in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, we made the wrong assumption that their claims were genuine as we didn’t believe they’d have any reason to lie. And sadly, we ran with […]


Total Fuel Station and the separate fuel pump pricing…

Over the weekend, Zimbabwean social media was abuzz with photos of Total Fuel Station charging its customers in US dollars. Many feared that 2008 had come back and that this would be the onset of fuel ques. Here’s my take on it and why I think people should not fear, as well as why they […]


GOING SOLAR: Solar Power Design Basics – Solar Panels

The Article below is a sponsored article with content supplied by Clamore Power. Please see our policy on sponsored stories. We have looked at the basics of power consumption and energy management. Once you have achieved near perfect energy management through either physical means or by changing to energy efficient equipment, you are ready to GO SOLAR […]


NBS committed to finance home ownership for Zimbabweans

National Building Society (NBS) is not just the cute new bank (building society) with a fresh and modern banking hall at Karigamombe Centre. Truth is, National Building Society is indeed the cute new bank with a fresh and modern banking hall at Karigamombe Centre but it is way more than that! If you do not […]


DStv not going anywhere says Multichoice Zimbabwe

Multichoice Zimbabwe CEO, Lovemore Mangwende has sent a statement to say that DStv is not going anywhere and will continue to be active in Zimbabwe. The CEO says this follows reports that the company is shutting down its Zimbabwean services. Over the past months, at least 3 DStv payments platforms – EcoCash, Telecash and OK Zimbabwe – suspended […]