16 hours ago

We have an exclusive with Innscor on Wi-Fi, Liquid & ZOL clarify. Liquid opens up to resellers

When we have written about TelOne’s Wi-Fi deal with Innscor, in recent weeks, ZOL leadership has made a point to make it clear to us that they actually have an exclusive Wi-Fi deal with Innscor and that it’s been in place for a while now. An article in the Herald today suggests ZOL via its parent company, Liquid Telecom […]


30 Sep 2015

A look at Chengetedzai Depository Company – the digital holders of local shares

For people plugged into local financial services, one of the highlights of 2015 was the migration of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange to an Automated Trading System.  This migration was supposed to introduce modern trading practices for the local exchange while opening up the local bourse to the benefits that other global exchanges have benefitted from […]

25 Sep 2015

No cheap offers for Telecel as owners say they will only take best deal

It turns out, however, that Telecel Zimbabwe’s majority shareholder, Vimpelcom, is going to hold on to its stake and has a long term interest in the operator, It will, however, sell if the need arises, but will not give up of its stake in Telecel Zimbabwe for free. It will charge the market value for the shares to any interested bidder.

24 Sep 2015

Winter is coming

My dear geeky friends, it is with this in mind, and with a heavy heart that I tell you: Winter is coming and it is almost upon us. None of us will be spared and you would do well to heed the Stark words and make your preparations. Go in hibernation mode like Polar bears and save whatever little money your startup has and spend it wisely for I fear this winter will be long m’lords.

23 Sep 2015

What should the new laws on Zimbabwean cybercrime consider?

The local press recently carried the story of Brighton Berejena, a Zimbabwean ICT professional who acted unethically by accessing his former employer’s internet service, disabled five servers and changed some of the passwords. As the former IT administrator for a company called Kreamorn Investment, he had all the necessary intelligence to access the company’s system […]